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  1. Hi everybody! I know I'm not very active here in the forums, but I'd like to share with you something I made Although I'm not that skilled on the piano, I love the little melody of the DST main theme and so I challenged myself to arrange the song. As what to me sounds like a waltz, in the song the piano is just one of the instruments being played, so I tried to put them together. When I couldn't figure out exactly what was being played, I just improvised around the melody trying to maintain the feeling of the song. Here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/gustavoyup/dont-starve-together-piano Hope you guys like it!!
  2. Thanks to the Forum Moderators for changing my thread title! =D Youtube.com/MabiVSGames Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my thread and my videos! Hey there! My name's Mabi and I love making videos! When the game first got released I posted a thread here along with my first "Let's Play" of Don't Starve. I also had some very awesome giveaways that were pretty successful. So here I am today to show you guys my playthrough of the newest update Shipwrecked DLC! It will include a lot of information on survival techniques, new items, new enemies, and much much more! Without further delay.. (THE NEWEST ONES WILL BE POSTED FIRST ON MY YOUTUBE) DON'T STARVE GIVEAWAY!! (Full Game + All DLC) | Don't Starve: Shipwrecked | Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl4Gd4FfWrM If you enjoy my presentation and style then please go check out the rest of my channel over at http://www.youtube.com/user/MabiVSGames Mabi Vs Trove - Episode 1 - (Welcome To Closed Beta!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGy33YItK94 =======================================Subscribe: http://bit.ly/11sjUVP (5-6 Daily Videos)Twitter: http://bit.ly/1uileqh (Chat With Me)Twitch: http://bit.ly/13asGH7 (Live Almost Daily) (ง •̀_•́) งBecome a Mablin Today! (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง The Mabfather demands it! (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง=======================================Watch Epic Build Off (EBO): http://bit.ly/1BXzBTGWatch The Mablin Podcast: http://bit.ly/YAdmacWatch Mabi Vs Terraria: http://bit.ly/1rY0FmtWatch Mabi Vs 7 Days To Die: http://bit.ly/WNYxiiWatch Mabi Vs The Binding of Isaac: http://bit.ly/1oxfOEaWatch Mabi Vs Pixel Piracy: http://bit.ly/1nO32kGWatch Mabi Vs Invisible Inc: http://bit.ly/1tNfU1lWatch Mabi Vs Don't Starve: http://bit.ly/1xOrQCP Got an idea for a Video/Let's Play Mabi should undergo? Let your opinion be known in the comment section below! Mabi will always respond back to you! =======================================The MMO, Cubed Adventure, explore, and create in Trove, the acclaimed voxel RPG set in a massive universe of online worlds. Whether hunting treasure in far-off lands or building realms of your own, it’s never been this good to be square! Adventure Level your character with a growing range of Classes from the Gunslinger to the upcoming Candy Barbarian. Each Class has unique abilities and play styles to help you vanquish enemies and rake in powerful magic items, gear, world-building blocks, rare trophies, and more! Explore The worlds of Trove are full of diverse Biomes, enemies, dungeons, landmarks, and lairs. Whether you’re out for adventure or sight-seeing from one player-created Club World to the next, you’ll be amazed at astounding sights and wondrous creations at every turn. Create Build to your heart’s content in massive Club Worlds and in your personal Cornerstone, a home away from home wherever you go. Collect items and gear made by your fellow players or make and submit your own – including items, gear, Dungeons, Lairs and more!
  3. First off, I get that change is good and the werebeaver, in technical terms, is pretty over powered. But I simply wished to speak of all the new things and changes in case any were unaware. So I begin. Okay so I've been playing around with Woodie for a little while. Testing things here and there, and playing around with functions to see how things worked. Normal nerdy stuff. Anyways, testing out the new werebeaver mechanics I noticed something. Or would it be a lack of something? I'm unsure how you would word that...But, I digress. The beaver seems to be acting like Woodie with night vision and a hunger for only wood.(and possibly if he was wearing rabbit muffs but that's beside the point) Now I am unsure if this was intentional or if it's still being worked out. Damage is still taken the same. Unlike before when you could take a hit and about 80% would be taken. You can still freeze your tushy off or overheat. Weather WILL affect you. So I am asking, is this intentional change, or something being worked on? I am highly curious, because with the sanity draining that fast I know you'd go crazy before you freeze but the beaver is now technically affected by weather. If damage is being reworked I'd almost suggest maybe doing what was done before. Have the log meter tank most of the damage and whatever's left can be applied to health. The only thing he has going for him right now is his night vision, speed boost, and needing to only eat wood. Sanity drain is going to be a doozy as the tick is -1or-2/sec Good thing the tree planting sanity boost was added or you'd most likely be a goner. It's a +5/plant so it's semi decent. Honestly I'd suggest getting as much sanity boost as you can early game and shoving it all in a backpack, avoiding battle on the first moon. Actually the full moon brings up a point. Be Careful! Your log meter will initially go down to 25(the change point) And immediately begin draining at about -1or-2/sec If you have a forest nearby you can turn back pretty quickly and actually wander about the rest of the full moon uninhibited. Odd, but useful.(And I suggest doing that fast if you want to fight anything because fighting is not your strong suit) And no, you need not eat all of the wood. Some, if you wish to speed up the process, but it's not needed now. Similar to how chopping wood drains the log meter, gnawing wood raises it(by about 1 or 2 each hit)...Which I suppose in technical terms makes sense but game play wise, it's tad confusing. You're being taught one thing at the start, so you expect it to play through. But, it's not a horribly big deal. And remember where I said fighting is not your strong suit. Take that to mind before doing anything beavery. You cannot wear any sort of armor, at all. (Nor clothing, aside from a backpack)You have no natural defense so any damage a mob does normally is immediately getting kicked from your health bar. (Giants will wreck you, bud)You can, and will, die...a lot. (Unless you are able to turn back quickly)Your damage is a low 27. (You are metaphorically, and literally, attacking things with an axe, without armor) NOT RECOMMENDED! -Rhodey
  4. Why must you do this to us?! Was the smallbird not enough???! Now you torment us with this adorable sluggy, glowing, hot, burnt thingy eating, chirping demon of cuteness!?! I approve.
  5. hello. i am new to DST modding and tried to make a character but got a vast majority of errors, after looking in log.txt 9000( or over ) times i got an error i could not fix, any help appreciated. pleeeeease don't use the art, i do not see why you would want to as it is bucket tool on paint.net over wilsons art but whatever. log.txt Michaelh.zip
  6. Howdy, My name is Baron Blackbird & I stream for ~9 hours per day on the days I stream starting at 2100 PST (UTC -8). This will be our 2nd give away--- our first was on the 22nd & we gave away a copy of Don't Starve & Reign of Giants. Congratulations to our winner: twitch member MadyCF. I currently divide my stream between Don't Starve & Dungeon Defenders II & my upcoming schedule is detailed below. December Dates: 26th, 27th 28th & 29th January 2015 Dates: 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th If you like playing either of these games, are debating about purchasing one, have questions or simply want to be a part of a great community on twitch come on over to our stream & lurk or chat it up! On December 26th we will be giving away a copy of Don't Starve Together during the Don't Starve portion of the show. Hope to see you there, Baron Blackbird My Twitch Channel You can always hit Follow on my twitch page ahead of time, to be notified when I go live just be sure to have notifications active on your twitch profile. If you would like to know when I start streaming in your time zone, use the online convter of your choice or this one found: Here
  7. Hello all you wonderful artists! I am giddy with excitement for the upcoming DST expansion. In celebration of being able to not starve with my boyfriend soon, I'm painting a plate set for our new apartment! I've got Wickerbottom, Wolfgang and Wendy done so far. Here comes the advice bit. Wx-78 is one of my favorite characters, and I really want to give him a plate. But his artwork is SO drastically different that it just won't look like it belongs in the set. I'm not sure what to do to tweak his artwork so it fits with the rest of them. Give him a name banner? I dunno. Do any of you talented artists have any ideas? I can copy things alright, but can't draw worth a darn.
  8. Wes?

    So... how exactly Wes communicate with other players? I'm sure we're all aware of Wes's particular... *ahem* ...style of communication. Anyway, since chat has the player's text appear above their head, will Wes just not talk or something?
  9. Many of us want to pass the time, so while we wait... What should we do to pass the time? You can suggest challenges, ask questions, but all in all, pass the time. I for one can not wait until the Don't Starve Together closed beta begins on the 22nd. So, let's start, shall we?