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  1. It says that it will cime in 2 days and I see nothing at the sticky...
  2. Wickerbottom is not as usefull as you think, and once they make the meat effigy valuable again (against the telltale heart) willson will be a good mp character again..
  3. This is a worthless post even on my standarts
  4. welp keep the vannila challenging... when its a mod we get an option..
  5. Passing the time

    Well my hype is a bit dead, im not thinking about DST as much, but I do play allot of DS and I also got myself a new game so time passes pretty smothly (wargame - european escelation)
  6. I hope they wont implement a way (but moving to the next world...) keep the game, the harsh singleplayer we all love...
  7. THE HYPENING 2014

    I cant figure out who is this.. maybe willow?
  8. Don't worry little ones, it's all part of my greater plan *walks away while whispering about world domination,water bottles and candy*
  9. I think its worthy to mention i have no idea who that guy is (you will know)
  10. Phase 2 tommoror?

    Tried it, its allmost unplayable..
  11. Please Please ship the keys soon I sirously cant wait
  12. Somehow you made you account in August and already almost have 100 posts. And I made my account in April..