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Reign of Giants now Available on Steam Early-Access!

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And here we have it. Hide your stuff, they are here. 



Don't Starve: Reign of Giants is now available for purchase on Steam Early-Access!

What does that mean? That means that anybody with a Steam account will be able to purchase the Early Access beta and help us smash bugs and shake our collective fists at our many many deaths at the hands of terrible giants!

As with before, you must own Don't Starve to play the DLC. Previous beta participants will simply get updated to the newest version. Everybody participating in the beta will be updated to the live version after the beta ends and standalone versions will be made available to all purchases once available.

The beta is still available for purchase from our humble store widget as well. (See below)



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It keeps looking like the dlc has been influenced by some popular mods(even if unfinished) first those lightning goats which work similar as certain creatures from the mod Up & Away, and now that Warg(the big wolf) which seems to work similar as the alpha hound from What Roams Around The World. Not sure if it is actually the case tho.

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It sucks just owning the Standalone... Any idea when we might get all this Don't Starve goodness?


Reign of Giants is coming to the Standalone version most likely around the full launch of the expansion. There's no specific date at the moment, but we'll let everyone know once we have solid details on it!


When the standalone version will be available? I bought the dlc and got an email with a "steam" key :s


During this phase of beta, only the steam version of Reign of Giants is available. Once the standalone version is available, your purchase will allow you to play there as well.

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