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  1. did u take back all the broken disks from the market in europe, from what iv seen on forum 505 is not doing much ? im owning all the games on steam and i`d buy them in a blink on ps4 but im afraid i`ll have the missing content, i want to get specificaly a physical copy because i dont want anything difital on my ps4, got plenty of that on steam. the shops selling games in my country ( romania ) are not that manny and not to trustworthy, so they may still sell the broken disks because of greed ? theres 2 stores linked from the ps oficial website but they dont sell the game anymore, still 1 more bigger well known shop in the country sell the disks but im not sure how to feel about it ( that big website sells not only from theyr own stock but from 4/5 more unknown shops )... looking forward to maybe get this and a second controler to play whit gf for christmass as shes a big fan of the game, and i dont want to ruin the day whit a incomplete game
  2. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    webber got 175 food and health ^^ and 100 sanity stats wise ^_^ :3 and idk if it`s a coincidence but i was spawned in a zone with a loot of spider nests
  3. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    why are u so evil : (
  4. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    "A small life trapped within, my sympathies." it`s a nice quote ^_^
  5. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    Also, OMG grows a silky smooth beard? This means that webber can make silk anywhere i think! Basically wilsons beard except it makes silk when you shave it! can u tell us how to unlock it too ? spoil it for us ^_^
  6. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    thanks for patch notes
  7. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    more spoilers :3 i wanna see all the new stuff
  8. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    amazing trees ) well i`ll be sleepless tonight going to have a loot of fun waking up for job 2morrow
  9. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    restarting the steam and relog dose the job u`ll get the update
  10. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    time to restart steam :< any my plans to go out to drink some beer with a friend are al gone nowwwwww :"(