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  1. some art :D

    So, uhh...I have Lord Battal's profile picture. And I had to wipe my computer. Meaning, the WX78 thing no longer exsists. Wilette, did you by any chance keep it saved somewhere? If not I'll start digging through this thread.
  2. some art :D

    So I guess this is a thing.
  3. What do you think I am doing?!

    I don't think society views us as summoning deerclopi just to slay them. They imagine us late at night with deadlines looming over us.
  4. Dubloons? I hate that guy.

    OOOOOOOH! That sound gooood. Actual interesting skill based combat... The modding potential would be through the roof for that.
  5. Dubloons? I hate that guy.

    That sounds soooo good. The only thing we need is actual sword fighting and not mob kiting. Then I'd be down for a biome that's like a battle royale stuffed with loot. The hype is real.
  6. Dubloons? I hate that guy.

    I don't think the summoning of monsters is really don't starve's thing, but I do like the idea. Maybe there is a loot-filed area full of danger that lures YOU! Like the swamp, but shippyer, and wreckyer.
  7. I have been looking at your profile picture for soooooooo long. I think I have decided it is a vaguely humanoid machine. Can I have some confirmation on that? And what is it from?

    1. Mobbstar


      Kill. Destroy. Exdeerminate.

    2. Mobbstar


      Yes it's a robot deerclops.

    3. emerphish


      I was gone for a few days...and after reexamination it does appear to be a robot deerclops

  8. Dubloons? I hate that guy.

    Imagine just setting it in the middle of a huge field of tooth traps, how easy would that be? Wait, but hounds=teeth, no hounds, no tooth traps...hmm
  9. Every time I see your name I read ThuumicParrot, as in a parrot skilled in the way of the voice. Aalkos Zu'u really lost kiird ahk pogaas keizaal.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. emerphish


      hahah. What does thaumuc mean though?

    3. ThaumicParrot


      Thaumic means something has to do with magic, it comes from the word thaumaturge, which is like a wizard. I usually go by thaumaturgeparrot but the name-thing here didn't have enough letters.

    4. emerphish


      I was about to scold you for thinking I didn't know what a thaumaurge was then I realized I was asking you in the first place. Anyways good to know.

  10. Zu'u nis kos nunon gein wo lost zos tinvaatey tiid nau keizaal wey nust fen onvok.

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    2. emerphish


      yes, the translation was lost. And if you don't know what it is then you have been deemed UNWORTHY

    3. Mobbstar


      You know, only five people ever got the notification (assuming they didn't turn it off). It's unlikely anybody gets it.

      In the assumption you are aware of that... NSA or SIS?

    4. emerphish


      Its Dovahzul. And yeah i know no one sees my updates xD

  11. How to Map reveal?

    no! not again XD i have been seeing this thread since I joined the forums like 2 years ago!