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  1. *sigh* If only I had a working pc to play this on. I might be able to borrow a pc. If I can, I am so signing up
  2. Despite always being annoyed at people begging for multiplayer, I am actually kinda excited for this. I wonder, when people spawn, will it be like normal (Being greeted by Maxwell) or will the players all come from Wilson's portal?
  3. Do the giants have their own specific approach sounds now? and not just the deerclops sound for all 4 of them? (unless they already got added and I am being stupid)
  4. At night I have no problems with it, but at day time it is very bright and eye straining.
  5. I think the old type of eyebrella was removed in-game, which is why the debugspawn does not work, and why people lost their eyebrellas. The new eyebrella hat probably has a different debugspawn.
  6. Really? I killed more catcoons then that and I still got nothing but meat... Guess I must have been plain unlucky then, I am pretty sure I killed about 10 or so. Ah, that makes sense then, I just debug spawned the Moose.
  7. EDIT: Just saw bryces post. DOUBLE EDIT: Something interesting I have found is that most giant craftables require 1 of their giants respective drop, meaning if you kill 1 giant it is enough to craft it, however, with the Goose/Moose this is not the case, I killed one and it dropped 3 feathers, when I needed 5 for the luxury fan, kinda interesting how we need to kill more then 1 mooose/Moose to get its main craftable.
  8. Cat caps do not drop from catcoons anymore, you need to get coon tails to craft them. So far after killing a lot of catcoons I have gotten no tails, maybe there is another way of getting them. Either that or I am just plain unlucky, or it is bugged.
  9. The moggles are completely ridiculous, I love em'. Also, 1 Goose/Moose was not enough to create a luxury fan, is this intentional so that we have a motive to try to kill them? I do not know if the other giants always drop enough for their craftables. EDIT: It appears that all the other main craftables only use 1 of their giants respective drop, so the Goose/Moose is the only one we might need to kill several of. EDIT AGAIN: Has anyone seen catcoons dropping coon tails? I slaughtered a very large number of catcoons yet I got no coon tails.
  10. In case you guys did not know, the mossling can summon a Goose/Moose. I attacked one, then it ran back to the nest, then it began calling out, then a Goose/Moose spawned.
  11. Well, after a brief encounter with that giant I realised..... Never let it near a forest! And I think you can tell why the encounter was brief...
  12. Has anyone encountered the large egg that they showed in the giant steps trailer? Because I am really interested in what it does. Probably gonna search for it and report with the results.
  13. I found out how to unlock Webber, it is pretty clever, I had a lucky guess from Wilson's examination of a certain Webber related item.
  14. I have seen the warg, all of the giants and the birchnut treegaurd, but I am still wondering how to unlock Webber. I totally did not cheat.... totally.....
  15. Judging from the fact that he said "both" new characters, I am guessing it is the Viking who I can not remember the name of(Wathgithr or something?), and Webber.