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  1. This sounds like fun! Now I'm regretting deleting my Weber world which had tons of spiders
  2. The notes stopped dropping on new worlds ? Haven't got one today
  3. The note that's missing is 17 ? I found 40 and 60. As for Not Alone, the other day I was spooked by thinking Woody was not alone on his world. I needed grass and every single grass plant was picked, in parts of the map he had just uncovered.... Turns out it was Autumn and the the withered plants restore to picked plants so it was just me being dense
  4. WE should have a rare mob that only shows up in summer and drops something cool. Like a macaw bird or something. Or maybe summer lets you make clay that you can mold onto stuff ?
  5. How do you kill the mosslings ? they kicked my butt with their spinning attacks O.o
  6. bees produce a lot more honey in summer ? fireflies breed in summer ? just some ideas...
  7. The Long Days setting is still bugging out on spring. Only works for day 1 or the day you are when you load a save. I reported it on the bugs thread
  8. Indeed, and a cemetery. What I loved here is that there was a nice alcove above the village, far enough from the bats from underground and it had a frog pond (which I walled all sides leaving one tiny exit full of traps). And a catcoon nest, and a swamp near to farm tentacle spikes
  9. Got the perfect place for camping on my new release test game Pig village, glommer, entrance to caves <3
  10. Oooh it does! And i have the new formulas, yay!!! The pig is still there saying update imminent though BTW, did the debug spawn for eyebrella change ? I tried giving myself one to see if it was a hat and it said no such value
  11. OK Steam hasn't updated anything and the opening screen still say update imminent. Where are you guys getting the update ?
  12. Nothing catches fire if you are not around. Just stay out of your main base on summer.
  13. Terrible place to be if there are frog rains though I usually have a few bases and my spring base is definitely not the same as my summer base - because bees are great as summer food source and psychotic attackers of everything that moves during spring - so you might just want to avoid closed spaces on spring, including your island
  14. My base was a lot like yours, and I had an easy time killing him because I used 2 Rock Lobsters to aggro him and keep him by the frog ponds then I would kite frogs to go attak him ( hit a frog, run to the bearger with all frogs chasing me) Rock Lobster go into their rock shells and he stay near them swiping at the lobsters. If you are lucky enough to find a rock lobster near your underground entrance (usually easy for me but someone in thi thread had a hard time with spiders) then i suggest you go find at least 2 and bring them to "root" the bear in place so he stops destroying your base and alllows you to bring in stuff to kill him,\.
  15. I love having Rock Lobsters infesting my world They are so handy! By a swamp they make it a tentacle spikes farm, by frog ponds they keep the pesky frogs under control, by bees they make an excellent honey / stinger farm and on the other areas they are just nice friendly guys to have around I hope the devs keep it this way ^^
  16. You don't have to go in too deep to find rock lobsters, just get a log suit, some rocks for bribing and stuff to make fire and torches.. look around the place you spawn and usually there are rock lobsters right by the entrance. hire 2 and get out
  17. Get the rock lobsters and you can kite him easily as he will spend all his time by the lobsters
  18. Go into a cave and hire 2 rock lobsters, keep them around your base but not too close. If you get them to attack Bearger he will attack back and they go into their rock mode and he will spend most of autumn pounding them and leaving you be. In my case I did this by a frog infested area so Bearger kept on getting attacked by frogs while he batted at my lobsters, by the time he left the lobsters alone it took me one hit to kill him.
  19. Are you sure ? I played lots of games setting catscoons to lots and have seen no krampus spawned even though my biomes are littered with catcoon hats
  20. More Weber: Sleeping, eating, selfie, how he looks from the back (6 arms), side view
  21. Just attacked them as wherebeaver. They are actually much easier than treeguards for the Beaver. to my surprise. A small treeguard takes more than 25 chomps from the beaver this guys take 5 and then their minions take 5-6 more. The minoons are as easy as spiders, 1 chomp and they are dead. My log meter barely went own after one birch tree boss, I only ran into trouble after tackling 8 of them, It's surprising because as Wigfried the minions seemed harder than spider and did more damage.
  22. So the birchwood treeguard spawns when yo cut some trees.. but hten it despawns after a while.. Like regular treeguards ? I must try them as woody.. treeguards are wherebeaver favorite snack
  23. OK can someone tell me why the limit on beta purchases ? I'm a mom of 2 and I bought Don't starve for me and my kids, when I tied to get Reign of Giants for all 3 of us they didn't let me buy the 3rd copy ?? Why ?