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Summer equivelent of Mac Tusk?

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It would be cool to have so creature that lived in an adobe house, and only came out on summer, having some fire hounds as pets, or some other creature as a pet, and drop some summer equivelent of the Tam. Since the Tam' is considered a "winter" item, for giving low heat and high sanity, it could be a dapper vest of some sorts that would give high cooling, and low sanity. Post what you guys think about this! :D

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Well, what really is the Mac Tusk?  A special seasonal enemy that spawns in a specific spot and drops great loot.  It's a good base to work with when thinking about new mini bosses.  I was not thinking about it being just another walrus that shoots you. 

You could say them making a different big boss for each season is boring and unimaginative, but they should provide different functions and styles to work with.  Well, that sill is the hope. 

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