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  1. How I think it will go is they would make it for vanilla DS first, then once that is settled and stable they would work on ROG compatibility.
  2. Oh my god these quotes made me lol so hard, especially Wolfgang's, WX's and Wickerbottom's. I hope they use someof these! These are great!
  3. My idea was tp revive fallen allies similar to Abigail, where you would have to sacrifice another life for theirs, and the sacrifice needs to be big enough yet not too hard, so no reviving players by sacrificing rabbit and birds, but maybe with something bigger...
  4. Yep, like Minecraft's Hardcore mode. But, maybe have an option, that is off by default, that allows the dead player to respawn as a new char, but makes a giant spawn instantly or something else to counter that. Or maybe sacrifice the life of a boss/giant to revive ur friend, like how it works for Abby.
  5. Let me just say, what mods? If u search multiplayer or even coop, only one mod exists, and it's extremely buggy.
  6. Got killed running around the ruins away from nightmares only to die from trying to heal up. Checked the morgue and guess what? Monster Meat...
  7. Someone said somewhere that it was solved. Is it true? I bet not.
  8. I have another one from my Playthrough. It's 100 (-6, 13).
  9. Klei, please make a Don't Starve movie, because I can guess all of us want one now, am I right?
  10. I approve of this idea! Now Klei's turn to do so!
  11. A snake creature that spawns like Mactusks in certain places (maybe in deserts near hound mounds?) and comes looking for something to eat, like how Mactusks go hunting. They could wear a Sombrero and have a small chance to drop it which is amazing in Summer. They can also drop Viper Fangs (maybe, or serpent fangs) which you can use to craft a weapon similar to the tentacle spike but poisons the enemy as well. We shall call them, the "Desert Serpent Bandits" or something.
  12. You want him to have a ranged attack? Ok, let me be my anti self for a little while and give a suggestion. Jason, will you do the honors? Give him the ability to spit a stream of lava/burning spit at the player when he's trying to run away, setting everything on fire. Then, at times, let him do a spinning attack that sends balls of burning spit everywhere. Sound good?
  13. Whoa bro! Calm down! They did say they're only "partially" complete and they will be improved on in future updates, so just deal with his goofiness for now and instead of complaining, give them suggestions to improve him.
  14. Wigfrid would be proud. After weighing the bosses, I'd rate them in order of easier to hard: Bearger Goose Dragonfly/Deerclops Just my personal rating mind you. Edit: I can also confirm that Warg does not have any alert while tracking. However he does appear the instant you find the last track. My rating for the bosses is almost the same, just that deerclops comes before dragonfly.
  15. Am I the only one to know that Bearger doesn't just swipe at you, but can disarm you like Goose?
  16. It was easy, though the knocking off my weapon out my hands didn't really help, but I only said Dragonfly is insane because he not only does fire damage, HE'S ALSO SO FAST!!! I CAN BARELY OUTRUN HIM! Also, here are their spawn codes:
  17. I love all the designs of the new bosses. They are just amazing! I spawned and tried fighting them as Wigfrid, so here's my difficultly rating: -Autumn, Bearger (Easy) -Spring, Goose (Medium) -Winter, Deerclops (Hard) -Summer, Dragonfly (Insane) They all drop their final items, but the devs said they will drop crafting items in the next update instead.
  18. Nope. It looks like a Moose with a Goose's head.
  19. I only recently used the Teleportato in a survival world for the heck of it, and I had no important reason to do it, so why not this be a reason?
  20. Which means that once the world becomes too infected to live in, the player will be forced to assemble the Teleportato and make a new world. Sounds legit.
  21. How about more consequences for doing certain things, like how they did for chopping too many trees down? (It gets harder the higher the day counter is. I got two before at once.)