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  1. it was just me trying to make it less players but i thought about minecraft having too much player but don't starve world is limited (which is very good) world
  2. i don't really know what to feel because why would you people fight each other when you are struggling to survive ? or is this the reason you play the game to poke on someone? but when you are clearing your inventory putting stuff out of your inventory somebody unknown comes and steals your stuff and doesn't give it back what you have to do? fight !!! that's the reason why it shouldn't be too big and have large servers like minecraft it should be 10 max just do online match ups with your friends
  3. i agree with @Zeklo and maybe if you die you will leave skeleton and when other player come and hammer your skeleton you will revive
  4. what if you die people/person should save you?
  5. it isn't new didn't you see it? it felt strange in the first place because i saw it after caves 1 or 2 update because they said basalts were removed
  6. how about making arrows from volt goat horn to use in a deerclops antler bow or what if using it in dart??
  7. i guess so, i didn't expect webber as a child eaten by a spider (like you guys all suggested not a humanoid spider which klei found perfect backstory sorry) when i read his quotes i thought he was brain broke man-spider but sadly it isn't
  8. webber is at least half spider so why does he go insane that fast spiders don't go insane right??
  9. having powers of spiderqueen head isn't OP for webber because you can't simply replace pigs, bunnies with wimpy spider guess what? he has 100 sanity in day 4 i only have 55 sanity just because of the night (sorry dear Klei) i wish webber had more unique abilities (wilson already has growing magnificent beard) being spider is more of negative side befriending spider with hole meat and they attack chester and glommer yeah follows you only in 2.5 day, having strong stomach isn't powerful again sorry klei for replying so much negativity
  10. Klei has not deleted inventory pictures of disks, character skulls, living bat and scarecrow picture but they deleted the rest of it (putting bats inside cages maybe) also webber's strings has lots of we inside it so i thought he might be brain broke or crazy