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The Corruption (ART CONTEST)



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  1. 1. Who should win?

    • Unsound Mind's Dark Chester
    • Science Machine's Corrupt Knight
    • MilleniumCount's Larry
    • WhispnCat's Evil Deerclops
    • Sporb's Nightmare Butterfly
    • Malan-Tai's Corrupt Spider
    • NicoleArtist's Evil Pengull

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After opening the Ruins, the nightmare power began to seep out.  It corrupted all who touched it, turning them into hideous renditions of their former selves.  As far as we know, there is no cure...


​The Corruption


Subject: Draw any creature in the Don't Starve world in a corrupted fashion.



Do not reuse any artwork you may have previously created. (Unposted or unfinished art is okay)

Do not create a new creature, you must use one already in-game.

Keep on topic!  Any art that does not refer to the subject will not be accepted.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE NEXT TUESDAY.  Any artwork turned in afterwards will not be accepted.


Prizes: I honestly have no idea.  Suggestions will be considered.

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My submission! Info on what the heck it says is in the spoiler below.


Dark Chester


(Curcurbita Umbra)

Do not be fooled! This foul creature is not the helpful creature named "Chester". This is a dark manifestation of shadows that will harm you if you're not careful. Dark Chester, until I think of a better name, is what I dubbed it. This creature poses as a friendly creature, but once it is filled with your items it will take off running. Any attempt to take back the items will be met with retaliation in the form of biting. Avoid these and notice their odd coloration. I am curious as to why this mutation occurred.
it has a sharp set of teeth
has a demonic version of eyebone
A foe that can be avoided if you take caution.


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