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  1. hello boys and girls. bye bye now

  2. i'm still alive and kicking, in the year 2017, my dudes

    if anyone ever needs to find me for some reason, you can always find me in my internet cave here

    also wow i can't believe it's been like nearly 4 years since i first came here lol

  3. probably final art dump

    thanks c; since i don't come here much anymore (if at all) i like to pop in and just show my art off every year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's that time of year again i had to redeem myself for the cringe that was my old art and this one that i drew in april but i guess it's not too bad looking see u next year xoxoxo
  5. i have a tumblr now i'm going into the rabbit hole
  6. art dump

    heres more cause i couldnt add to the last one cause it wouldn't save my edits oh my god please post ​please stop breaking
  7. art dump

    //title those are my watermarks btw sorry in advance for the probable massive pagestretch but w/e ​ more soon lol
  8. wow look i logged on again woohoo

  9. Ask the Tree!

    your opinion on
  10. i did things before they were cool before it was cool to do things before they were cool


  12. oops i missed my roleplays e.e well i will try to be invested if i ever join another on here ;P

  13. sorry if i delete any friends ill readd you -- on mobile x.x