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  1. Yus >:3 Squids for... wait I can't really say anything for squids... I'm a cat... who just goes on stealing stuff from time to time... I can't even like liquids... mainly water...
  2. I do have the game and it is very addicting but then you just have how popular is is... it's hilarious. But there are so many squids and many octopuses... too many.
  3. So much art that I missed from this place... and then I look at the previous page and then I see splatoon... that game is just everywhere now...
  4. I really need to draw some more of this stuff... but then I had school... and games... and other things I wanted to try drawing and it all went well but I might post more stuff on here... Maybe... Yus :3
  5. I AM BACK!!! Again with something else while I have the time. Have this thingy.
  6. And thus the Maxwell Mondays has begun X3 and hugs4max after that terrible yet addicting song.
  8. I shall let you all think of whats going on here, I won't say a thing of whats happening X3
  9. Wilson: "How many times do I have to tell you we have no cake >:(" War: TT_TT "Cakeeee~"
  10. Tired and bored from all that walking every day. :3
  11. I have came to see everything that I have missed... and then I see this... spiders...