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The Corruption (ART CONTEST)



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  1. 1. Who should win?

    • Unsound Mind's Dark Chester
    • Science Machine's Corrupt Knight
    • MilleniumCount's Larry
    • WhispnCat's Evil Deerclops
    • Sporb's Nightmare Butterfly
    • Malan-Tai's Corrupt Spider
    • NicoleArtist's Evil Pengull

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Oh, look what's due... yeah, I would totally upload something, if it weren't for *Looks as status update*

Crappy internet problems. Can't upload ANYTHING more complicated than text. Can't upload to imgur. Can't upload to YouTube. I could only upload to DeviantART because I did it at school. Can't play multiplayer games because I can't upload information fast enough. Can't do anything more than send text. Crap. Someone should be looking into it two days from now, but I've alreayd gone the whole weekend like this, and it's hell. Can't even send important emails with attachments on them, because I can't upload without creating an error. Can't draw on DeviantART muro, because I can't, save the data of the drawings, I can't, just, AHH! HELP ME!

Hence, I can't, upload a picture. Anywhere.

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Who said that spiders were cute ?


Aw, that claw reminds me of my hermit crabs I had way back. The smallest one was named Spider, and he loved climbing the synthetic coconut tree and rocks. They all died due to mites. ;_;


Spiders are cute, DS ones especially.

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