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  1. Bro, wake up it's 2013!! Sussus Amogus? Dababy? What are you talking about? Let's look at the all's well that maxwell video trailer again for the 327th time!!

  2. Who would've thought i'd be back here after 5 years of uninterrupted idling...

    And following along the silly posts that i did 6 years ago lol

    I was here 4/9/2019.

  3. you still alive?

    1. Hopperruss


      yes after 3 years of slumber, and i will probably be hibernating again until years later

  4. 11/10 would not fight

  5. Somehow, you reminded me of No Game No Life.........
  6. Oh, so that's why I can't hear it. Because I was at Chapter 6
  7. i haven't had 2 much bacon lately
  8. I've played Battleblock Theatre, but I haven't heard of that music? BTW, I'll be listed in the Hall of most-idling-users.
  9. Mine is to transport myself to other non-real and not-existed dimensions.
  10. Holy jesus 58 notifications! Guess I am gone for a long while...

  11. Wow, back in just for months and 78 notifications lol

    1. Rabbitfist