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  1. Who would've thought i'd be back here after 5 years of uninterrupted idling...

    And following along the silly posts that i did 6 years ago lol

    I was here 4/9/2019.

  2. you still alive?

    1. Hopperruss


      yes after 3 years of slumber, and i will probably be hibernating again until years later

  3. 11/10 would not fight

  4. Somehow, you reminded me of No Game No Life.........
  5. Oh, so that's why I can't hear it. Because I was at Chapter 6
  6. i haven't had 2 much bacon lately
  7. I've played Battleblock Theatre, but I haven't heard of that music? BTW, I'll be listed in the Hall of most-idling-users.
  8. Mine is to transport myself to other non-real and not-existed dimensions.
  9. Holy jesus 58 notifications! Guess I am gone for a long while...

  10. Wow, back in just for months and 78 notifications lol

    1. Rabbitfist



  11. siiiiick dont bother me :'(