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New Trailer - Don't Starve Halloween Mod Challenge


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Behold! Feast your eyes on the latest trailer featuring a collection of community-made mods for Don't Starve!

All available for free!



DS Halloween Mods on Steam:



DS Halloween Mods on Forum:



DS Halloween Challenge Post:



ColeenMcLeod, tehMugwump, Afro1967, Blackbow, jimmeh57, TheDanaAddams, Squeek, Malacath, ElAguilar, Irontaco, Craig_Perry, soul, Malacath's brother, Woscar the Impaler, Lawrence, Nycidian, LibertyOfTheAether, TheOnlyOne, TeoSS69, DragonBoy36, Blewcheese, Cacahuatoforo, Nycidian, debugman18, xxM0rtexx, Spooky Rust, KidneyBeanBoy
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Some mods deserved a little more onscreen time. I mean i'm sure the Haunted house mod was worth more time and some of the character mods too. Some features of the Waverly mod weren't shown at all (spells and the waverly npc) but i guess that's alright.

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