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  1. klei puzzles always amaze me

  2. this puzzles are what bring me back in this forum once in a while... awesome job as always klei! i might aswell return play some ds...
  3. the call of puzzles bring me back on this forum... good stuff coming soon, thanks klei
  4. is it time to come back play ds?

    1. DwerBomb


      dst is near release...

      so yea. I guess

  5. eh man, my english sucks i know, let me explain better if i can... i mean... when you create a new world, for example, you can choose how long the winter will be by modifieding (<-best english) an option... but when you start play the world you won't be able to change it back! as like that, there should be an option (in multiplayer world creation options) to allow or not pvp... if you choose no, no one will be able to attack other players FOREVER, if you choose yes well... let the battle royal begin! (not the hunger games, but battle royal which has been copied by miss collins but this is another offtopic story) i hope you can understand... i should study english...
  6. pvp should be turn on or off one single time in the creation world option and never be modified
  7. fistful of frags, f2p of the year, greyslime approved

    1. Spazmatic


      Pass the whiskey!

  8. winter season confirmed yay! oh wait a second... btw if i didn't read the other posts in this discussion i wouldn't see that there were a deerclops :/ 2sneaky4me
  9. coming soon is the release date... any news about price?
  10. did klei mentioned anithing about future dlc while i was away?