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  1. I read 2½ pages of i-dont-know-whats-going-on But it was worth it
  2. tehe, reblogged yer art If you intend to upload the artwork to DA please tell me ^^
  3. Oooooh this is lovely o: Thank you so much ~ Do you have a DA or Tumblr by any chance? I'd love to add it to the fan art section or reblog it :3
  4. More fabulous Maxwells plz, there can never be enough! 8D
  5. I've encountered the same problem multiple times and solved it by disabling server mods one by one. Exclusion methods
  6. Oooh your version of Charlie looks great o:
  7. Posted back in 2013 but here's a re-upload.
  8. Naira-Sanches at Tumblr drew this so I thought I'd link you: http://naira-sanches.tumblr.com/post/144334927495/*******-memes
  9. Pretty much I suggest they make a fan art page but compress every user into some kind of section/square that contains the artist's username and perhaps a few thumbnails of their work. Clicking the section will bring up more drawings by the artist. I've slapped together this kind of stuff since 2008 so I'm preeeetty sure Klei can do it as well, however, they'd have to choose and re-upload a lot of artwork. That's what consumes time... Or they could simply link to our fan art threads
  10. This helps a lot in the early days. Poisoning equalled death because it was difficult to find the required resources in time.
  11. Yes you're completely right about that. I've been watching DS since late 2012 and people still contribute by talking on the forums, create art, write, make mods and the like. That's awesome. Although... I can't help but hear that little warning bell ringing in the distance. Skin hypes have never been good. I've seen too many of my loved games turn into utter crap because of it, some games died too.