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  1. Hi, I guess I came back, old friends! ^-^
    Glad to see You again c;

  2. Random thing :D SLENDERMAN!

  3. Klei - Impossible is now possible.

  4. Mysterious notes?

    How much time left to uploading next picture? C:
  5. Mysterious notes?

    Nothing new :<
  6. Mysterious notes?

    So how many bandages he must made? D:
  7. Mysterious notes?

    Finally some puzzles
  8. Webber notes

    I've got a question: has he got night vision?
  9. Giant Steps - April 2nd 2014

    I've got a question: will be there a 2 - pack only for DLC? Because I've bought DS 2 - pack in beta and I'd like to buy 2 copies, one for me and second for friend
  10. Very nice trailer! I'm eally waiting for this DLC And, of course, I won't be myself, if i didn't ask: Puzzles?

  12. Yeah, so optimistic weather there!

  13. Malan-Tai is very nice guy :p

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    2. qwasted321


      @Malan-Tai Dragonfruit is also nice! :D

    3. Malan-Tai


      and dragonpie. btw, on my current world, I had a dragonpie at day 5 (thx default+ and Wickerbottom ! )

    4. qwasted321