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The Unofficial Character Guide (Who is the best character?)

Which is the best character?  

396 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is the best character?

    • Wilson - The Gentlemen Scientist
    • Willow - The Firestarter
    • Wendy - The Bereaved
    • Wolfgang - The Strongman
    • (?Mystery character?)

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I thought that was Max...imizing your playing experience. But I'll edit my response to be more friendly to the mystery.And if the OP can edit their poll, we need a Woodie :D

And a couple others ._. At least I can pick Wendy (for a sec I thought her title was the Beaverhead)
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Please lock this thread or make it updated cause it's the necromancers land here! :spidercowers:

Funny, because there was only 1 necro.

Once it's been necroed, it's alive. For...well, not forever, but for a while.






...Wilson!!! NOOOOO!

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