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  1. I want to know everything about the story. Why are the characters here? How does it end? All that hooplah.
  2. The main menu is so...empty...

    That post had so much shine it just had to rhyme.
  3. THIS.Since World Editing was added, i thought we would be able to use it for that.
  4. I remember seeing this poll and picking Wolfgang, lol. Someone just had to go and necrobump it though >_>
  5. That is a good point, i must admit.But i mean the actual term moderation, which moderator comes from. I agree that we should have some social "mods", or just have our current mods talk more, but it seriously isnt needed in the slightest.Actually - i guess it is, since when you dont have this than people start rioting in the thread.
  6. I dont think you understand what the term Moderate means.It doesnt mean talk to everyone, and be friends, and all this.I mean sure, the mods could actually post more, but is it necessary in the slightest? No.
  7. hello people

    Shut up xD
  8. My Reaction to woodie

    Yeah, that bothered me. We all know Jon isn't going to be any more active than he used to be, despite what he claims.
  9. My Reaction to woodie

    This thread is just gonna be taken over by JonTron...GAME GRUMPS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ;_;
  10. Well, considering I know the world I'm in, i'd probably lay down and cry.However, if I didn't know where i was.. either lay down and cry still, or work on finding a shelter somewhere. I'd die pretty quick.
  11. [REQUEST] Don't Starve Playing Cards

    fight fight fight fight *pumps arms*
  12. [REQUEST] Don't Starve Playing Cards

    Well, I was going to do a full deck of 64, but, it turns out, that art at this amazing level is just too hard to make this quickly, and in this amount.So I made one, and you can use it as a template. I personally find it better than like, Da Vinci. This art is just, like, the Mona Lisa of trading cards. It even has special perks to the card, like trading cards expecting my artist button under my account posts within a weeksame goes for a custom title under my usernameyknow what just give me a place at klei. ill take over the entire merchendise operation with amazng quality such as this (1080p) i want a desk in the kitchen fyi kthx kevin
  13. Was that this update? I thought the ruins were next - either way - cool! I don't know much bout the future of caves, so.As far as Wortox goes, which is something I do know a lot about, we really can't be sure. But, you could most certainly be right. - - - Updated - - - Kevin likes to lead us in wild Moose chases about these sort of things instead of just telling us.
  14. Escapism Vs. Realism which do you prefer?

    Gnarly, quite frankly, you're wrong. Im not trying to escape from reality (And you said escape from the game btw) - i just want to play a game. I dont care if its realistic or not. Either way, its a game, and im going to play it. It has nothing to do with me wanting to escape from reality. I like my life a lot. If i had to choose between being social, and a video game (Which i do a lot) i'd choose social. AKA - i like reality, but i also like gaming. I think you're getting too deep into this.To put it simply, fantasy or realism, both of which are fine by me as long as it's a good game. It has nothing to do with my actual reality.And i find it quite annoying that you're trying to dub me as an escapist, being that we don't know each other - not even on the forums.