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  1. I want to know everything about the story. Why are the characters here? How does it end? All that hooplah.
  2. That post had so much shine it just had to rhyme.
  3. I remember seeing this poll and picking Wolfgang, lol. Someone just had to go and necrobump it though >_>
  4. Now this thread was the good ol' days. I remember browsing these forums to see what the first update, that i was able to wait for, would have - and i found this. I remember getting rid of each and every spider nest on my map after this.
  5. That's a good point. Alright, forget it. I understand that.Sorry for your time
  6. In all seriousness, as much as i love the Chicken art you did, would you do a real, serious channel banner for me? (Youtube, that is)
  7. That wasn't what I was expecting, but that just might be the best thing i've ever seen.Thanks! :3
  8. "draw a chicken"OH COME NOW GUYS WHO SAID THAT?!Ah, well, you said it not me...
  9. I suppose that's true - my bad. But still, it is a necro, after all. But fair enough.
  10. Except that it really isn't.!Plus - i've seen threads locked for the sheer fact that it was necro'd. Especially when there is another, STICKY'd thread..
  11. Why did you necro bump this? This was over a month ago.
  12. In real life - NO.Dont Starve is certainly not Real Life.And seriously, the Teleportato is hardly a valuable option. By the point you run out of rocks, you don't want to have to remove your entire base.
  13. I know you aren't being a jerk, i'm just pointing out this and trying to make a discussion. It IS a forum.Anyways, the ending thing was one of the only places where Deerclops was mentioned, and the only time he was a main point. Therefore, the entire guide isn't bad because of his Deerclops strategy. The guide was about Winter, and preparing for it. Not OMGDEERCLOPS