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  1. Okay, so maybe I owe y'all an apology. It's been ages, I know- And I left without any sort of goodbye, which was terrible of me, I know- Things got busy, I'm still busy, goodness. But, I just thought it would be alright to return here? I've missed it, really. I honestly have missed y'all. And I just wanted to re-emerge. So, this is a hello. A greetings and salutations, and an apology.

    1. ThePreChewedTree
    2. ThePreChewedTree


      Also, Hey, as of yesterday you've been on the forums for a year.

    3. DivineProvidence


      That's- That's weird? Didn't think it had been such a short period of time- Also, just- Hello!

  2. Oh, god guys. Guess what piece of trash has returned to these beautiful forums, after what? A year, two years? I'm so sorry!

  3. "Yeah, if that's okay, goodnight everyone..." *Alex looked up at William, and then fell down on to the grass, falling asleep instantly. "Yeah, sure, whatever, night..." Jaquel mumbled
  4. "No! I'll give my blood when hell freezes over!"
  5. "I know a way...Hehehehe!"
  6. *She whispered to Jaquel.* "We need to behave okay, I don't want to cause any hassle for anyone, Please Jaq, do it as a favour for me, I won't ask you for another thing again!" "Promise?" *He asked her grinning* "I swear on my life"
  7. "You all obviously don't appreciate me! Maybe I don't want to help you all!"
  8. "I'm so sorry for his behaviour, Jaq doesn't mean it! I'm sure he will improve, won't you Jaquel?" *She fiddled around with her hands keeping her eyes to the ground* "Yeah, sure, whatever...."
  9. "Grrrr, bloody brats the lot of you!"
  10. *Slaps her across the cheek* "Do that again and that won't be the only thing I'll do to you, do you understand....girl!"
  11. "No I don't want to go to sleep!" *They both said at the exact same time.*
  12. "Oh be quiet woman! Don't you see I'm bloody tired!"
  13. "Thank you Chris, and yes Jaquel I do bloody mind, I am not your slave, in case you have forgotten, you're the one attached to my back!" *Alex responded glaring at Jaquel.* "Oh stop you're whining, It's giving me a headache!" *Jaq retorted, slapping her across the head* "Ow!"
  14. Does anyone else love the Bastion Soundtrack? Cause I sure do!

    1. the truthseeker
    2. MaxStrategy


      This guy. Check out Transistor too!

  15. *He continued sleeping, ignoring the others, his thoughts drifted to El once more...*