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Can we rework Spontaneous Combustion?

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I’m playing around with Willows Skill tree with the new update and I really really seem to dislike Spontaneous Combustion, this perk from my experience with it absolutely sucks… it costs 4 Embers to use, and still isn’t even powerful enough to kill a small swarm of bees???

I want to suggest something a bit more unique, Willow is completely immune to Fire now right? So why not give her a Bubble Shield she can cast around herself as an Upgrade made of solid Fire, something similar to the power up found in old sonic the hedgehog games



Only it won’t be identically like the Sonic power up, instead.. fire will shield around Willow like in the above animation, however-

It would only protect Willow by making mobs that attempt to attack her through the shield suffer fire damage/panic. 

The shield only lasts for a short duration before Willow bursts it outward to explode dealing damage.

Why would this be a fun change? Willow could for example cast the shield onto herself and then run into a swarm of bees to explode like a Minecraft creeper.

I just really want to run towards things as Willow and blow them up.

TL:DR- Spontaneous Combustion costs too many embers and isn’t very useful.

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It is useful in situations like bee queen boss fight, you just spam the skill and the grumble bees will panic forever.

It can also be used for farming embers: set spiders or something on fire then kill them, I haven't seen any videos about it but it's certainly possible to mass farm embers with this skill.

The cost doesn't really matter since you can carry stacks of embers and the burning duration is long enough.

Also you didn't post a rework, you posted a completely different skill.

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The hype of "combustion easily farms embers" was overblown from the beginning, and was entirely the wrong focus for the skill anyway.  I find I get a good enough supply of embers just clearing out a few spiders / bees with my lighter as I pass them without needing to orchestrate any massive ember farm.  There are few enough situations to really use them that you can't build them up over time and do a 100% lunar flamethrower bee queen if you want.

Combustion is primarily about the CC.  Getting the hounds, grumbles, or whatever to panic so you can thin things out.

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