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Found 18 results

  1. Stronger Shadow Hands [DST]

    Version 1.0.0


    Stronger Shadow Hands Fire Snatchers Shadow Hand(s) now steal/extinguish ALL the fire from a campfire (or similar campfire/pit) regardless of the amount of fuel the source has, so no more stealing only a small portion of it. (Should also work in caves) Code by: Aquaterion
  2. I want to make shining hand item - weapon kind. My base was lightbulb at first, and then "torch" but there came an little issue... I tried following codes: local assets={ Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/orbstaff.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/orbstaff.tex"),} local prefabs ={ "torchfire",} local function fn() local function OnEquip(inst, owner) owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_orbstaff", "swap_orbstaff") owner.AnimState:Show("ARM_carry") owner.AnimState:Hide("ARM_normal") = SpawnPrefab( "torchfire" ),.125,.125) local follower = follower:FollowSymbol( owner.GUID, "swap_object", 0, -110, 1 ) end local function OnUnequip(inst, owner) = nil owner.AnimState:Hide("ARM_carry") owner.AnimState:Show("ARM_normal") end local inst = CreateEntity() local trans = inst.entity:AddTransform() local anim = inst.entity:AddAnimState() local sound = inst.entity:AddSoundEmitter() MakeInventoryPhysics(inst) anim:SetBank("orbstaff") anim:SetBuild("orbstaff") anim:PlayAnimation("idle") inst:AddComponent("inspectable") inst:AddTag("sharp") inst:AddComponent("weapon") inst.components.weapon:SetDamage(48) inst:AddComponent("characterspecific") inst.components.characterspecific:SetOwner("wayrra") inst:AddComponent("inventoryitem") inst.components.inventoryitem.imagename = "orbstaff" inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname = "images/inventoryimages/orbstaff.xml" inst:AddComponent("equippable") inst.components.equippable:SetOnEquip( OnEquip ) inst.components.equippable:SetOnUnequip( OnUnequip ) return instendreturn Prefab("common/inventory/orbstaff", fn, assets)I also tried the lightbulb one but didn't work at all.. local light = inst.entity:AddLight()light:SetFalloff(0.7)light:SetIntensity(.5)light:SetRadius(1)light:SetColour(230/255, 230/255, 100/255)light:Enable(true)After using torchfire the item does shine when Equipped and stops when not equipped but you know how the torch/willow lighter looks - it has FIRE ANIMATION (yellow sparks, flames thing following the torch stick) Is there anyway to remove showing of flames and leaving only LIGHT? I tried commenting out some lines but effects where like: NO LIGHT AT ALL or LIGHT + FLAMES visible -.- Guess I'm lost :/
  3. I came up with the idea when I noticed that snow just never melts, untill winter's almost over.I thought at nights of winter: hey, it'd be usefull if that snow around my fire would melt to keep things visible.Though I'm not a programmer of any kind (except VBA ), I thought that adding this subtle effect could improve the game a little bit.Every update of Don't Starve, had all these little new things, it were things small and subtle effects I really liked in the game. Which all combined, make a great game.I thought I'd mention it, since nobody has done it. And it'd be a nice little effect, which just adds to the game.
  4. Currently, I feel there is not enough incentive for use of the scalemail. Its durability is 1800 units of damage, consequently allowing for extended periods of use. However, it is ultimately outperformed by the log suit, providing 80% resistance to physical damage as opposed to 70%. Additionally, when at low durability the log suit can be disposed of by burning it, serving as excellent fuel. This means that, instead of having two slots taken by a piece of armor about to break and its replacement, you can consistently maintain high durability alongside periodic fuel for fires. Scalemail, unfortunately, is comparatively more expensive to craft (and has an inconsistent availability) but absorbs less damage. Another perk of scalemail is its fire resistance. This is rarely useful, as prolonged exposure to fire seldom happens. On the other hand, its ability to ignite attackers often requires remaining aware of resources/structures in the immediate area, which the fire could spread to as well. Overall, it's almost as if the scalemail was designed for future confrontations against the dragonfly, in a continuous cycle of killing and crafting. This is reminiscent of the lantern/miner's hat, bound to use in the caves because of light bulbs and their fast spoilage times. Without a variety of applications it ends up becoming a boring mechanic, seen as more a routine rather than an actual game that's dependent on player input. Perhaps there is a way to incentivize use of the scalemail more than now (e.g. synergy with fire-based weaponry).
  5. a filipino gamer conquers the world of Wilson and Maxwell.And this is my pilot let's play series.I hope I can entertain you guys.All comments(either positive or negative) are welcome.
  6. Just posting these here because they're probably lost in the random threads i put them in~ These are from the insanity updates~ This insanity stuff has really got my creative juices flowin' <3 and since i've gotten caught up with my work i must post more pretty things @_@
  7. Now I know this game is supposed to be challenging and all. But I got really pissed today when Willow's perk didn't come into action today in time, which caused the death of her in one hit from a grue(hit by a hound (log-suit went) and tree guardian right before night) . ( At least this time it wasn't from a tallbird).Don't you think her fire action should come right before the grue hits? Along with the fact that if you should be standing in one place that the fire should continually keep going?Hmmm...Because shes almost as useless as Wes otherwise!
  8. Will we have to make a new world for the winter update, and in case of YES, does using the wooden thing counts as "New" world?
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Saplings in the Water Steps to reproduce Make World Saplings will be in ocean Describe your issue I made a world, and there was a sapling in the water. Proof:
  10. you should be able to add fuel to a stone campfire at night, because i keep dying from the darkness when i am like 2 inches away from the fire site (i died this way the past 3 times)
  11. To some, I'm sure this tactic seems obvious but to others I think it would be rather helpful. In my world, there are little to no pigs yet there are many level 3 spider nests. Taking on a nest that big by yourself is practically a death wish. No amount of log armor will save you there. The strategy I use is as followed... 1. Build a Fire Dart. Set up some bird traps and catch some redbirds so you can get feathers. Etc etc etc... 2. Scavenge for pine cones. This will be somewhat crucial later on. 3. Plant trees around the nest. 4. Attack during the day. After shooting your dart at then nest it will be set on fire and so will surrounding objects. Such as the newly planted trees. The reasons why you attack during the day is that the spiders will NOT attack you. They will run around for a bit and then go back to sleep. The nest will take enough damage to deplete and most of the spiders will die. The stragglers can then be easily taken out single handedly. However, sometimes attacking a sleeping spider will alert other nearby spiders, so be careful. 5. Loot Charcoal, silk, monster meat its all yours! Horay!
  12. I've been playing and loving this game so far. I had a few ideas I thought I'd just toss out there. Slingshot Crafted out of rope and sticks. It hits about as hard as a spear, but does so from range. There's a catch, though: it uses rocks as ammo. Lasso, Hay, and a Beefalo Pasture Craft the lasso out of rope. Hay is grass that's dried on a fire. You feed hay to a beefalo until you get a speech cue that it's ready to be domesticated, then you use the lasso to lead it back to your pasture. Once inside, it can be fed hay to produce manure as usual, and every so often can be milked. Beefalo Milk can be used in cooking recipes and to make cheese and butter (maybe a new tool would be needed). Petification Station Any captured animal (one that shows up in your inventory) can be placed in this structure. That creature becomes your pet. It will stay leashed to the structure, but it should have a wide enough range that it can wander around your base camp. If the programmers can swing it, you could teach it behaviors by scolding it when it does something you don't like or feeding it when it does something good. Super Secret Pet: A pet rock that inexplicably grows over time into a boulder. Of course, when you mine it, it will rumble sadly with every swing of your pick. Additional Change: Hounds and Spiders hit by a sleep dart may be picked up in your inventory (and therefore placed in the Petification Station). Beneficent Transmogrifier It functions like a crock pot, but the recipes are more precise. It essentially allows you to convert certain kinds of resources into another kind. For instance, two sticks and two grass might get you one rock. A stick, a flower, a pine cone and a grass will get you three rocks. The only problem with this is that it'd essentially just be used to make rocks. An alternative would be to give Transmogrifier a single slot and you can put any one item inside. Every item has a list of other items it could be transmogrified into with their own probabilities. For instance, Grass could end up as a Stick (70%), a Carrot (20%), a Pumpkin (9%) or Gold (1%). Improbable Juicing Contraption Another item that functions like a crock pot, but you can put any items into it. The recipes are fairly precise. The results, instead of food, are tonics which are essentially potions. There would be no healing tonics (for health or hunger), but instead tonics would give you some benefit that lasts for a day (or night). Examples: Elixir of Curiosity - When you reveal new areas on the map, more is revealed than would ordinarily be. A regular Louis or Clark. Hyper Tonic - You walk faster for the rest of the day. Run along. Cat's Eye Philter - You can see in the dark for a whole night. Now you can see what's eating you! Flying Balloon and Tethers Essentially, this would be a fast travel system. You have to research the balloon and tether separately. The balloon would have some pretty steep material costs. Tethers can be built anywhere on the map and would have a moderate resource cost. Once the balloon is constructed (it must be constructed at a tether) and you have at least two tethers built, you can fuel the balloon (exactly how you would a regular fire) until you get the prompt that it's ready to fly. Then you climb on board and select one of your tethers and the balloon will fly there.
  13. So I am on day 23. When suddenly those pigs that come out randomly to eat you. They are on all fours and chase you. Well I killed a turkey near my base and the meat got stuck on the edge of the island in the ocean. There was 6 pigs that ran past me to try and get the glitched drumstick. They were by my pine tree forest that I have planted on the edge of my base. I chopped down all the trees around the pigs just in case they would turn on me when I attack, that I would not get stuck on pine trees during my escape. After I cleared the trees, I used my spear to kill all the pigs. They were glitched on the edge and did not attack me. On the last pig that I killed I suddenly burst into flames. The fire started on me, then spread instantly to the entire map. My entire screen was filled in fire. I could not, what so ever run away from this. My guy instantly explodes and all my gear explodes. I had a straw hat with a log suit and a spear. Last thing I did before I died.... .... I dropped a unlit torch next to my fire pit, My fire pit does have pine trees next to it. I had this torch on the ground all night and day as I was freeing inventory and cooking food. Could the torch some how light my forest on fire? By the way I did not over feed my fire.
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Items randomly disappearing when dropped. Steps to reproduce This issue occurred when I was collecting grass and twigs around my camp, getting supply's to survive. Then all of a sudden my items that I dropped, my manure and fishing rod disappeared... completely gone and now I have no idea where they went. Describe your issue This issue occurred when I was collecting grass and twigs around my camp, getting supply's to survive. Then all of a sudden my items that I dropped, my manure and fishing rod disappeared... completely gone and now I have no idea where they went. Is this a bug or something else? I'm not really sure, or am I just going more insane.... Any information, feedback or experiences that are similar are appreciated. Thank you. Zachary.
  15. Are spiders still flammable? I've been wondering if they still are, I would get mad at them for killing my Pigmen and then I would try to set them on fire, but the bad thing is they just won't lite....those little buggers. Have they gotten themselves fire proof? It doesn't seem to be working anymore, anyone know why? And was it the update they had or just a bug? Feel free to posts your thoughts, all feedback is appreciated. Thank you. Zachary.
  16. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title dieing without a reason Steps to reproduce in the middle of night at day one have a fire and be at 25 health and 0 hunger eat cooked spider meat and you should die even thought you have health and hunger with no enemies Describe your issue i was the pyromaniac at day one at night with a campfire i was at 25 health and 0 hunger so i ate cooked spider meat and my health started depleting and i ate more meat but i died.
  17. Has anyone fully experimented with fire? If so, is anyone will too? I have done some with old worlds and that's why they're are "old" because I seem to set everything on fire, destroy my world and kill myself. Fire is quite dangerous and can get out of hand. "Do your duty to prevent forest fires!" Feel free to reply, anything would be helpful. Thanks. Zachary.