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Happy Birthday WILSON! (and DS franchise)

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It’s crazy to think DS is 10 years old today. I’ve been playing the game since roughly 2016, and it’s really interesting looking back at all the memories, from back when ANR started coming out to the first from beyond update being released.

All I can say is, I’m pretty pleased overall! It’s certainly been a fun 10 years. There have been some hiccups here and there, but none have made me legitimately dislike the experience.

I don’t really have much else to say, but just for funzies I might as well post a screenshot of my center “base” on my main world from 2019 (for reference, this is when the turn of tides beta started) to a screenshot of my most recent milestone, 13000 days, around a week ago! (Bonus screenshot of an old festive light unpackaging I did!)




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A lot has happened in 10 years time- my little brother goes to jail, my grandma and best friend die, but one thing remains the same- Wilson and his stubbornness not to give up, his will to Overcome set backs & obstacles, to face what is thrown at him & to come out triumphant despite all odds.

So Happy Birthday Wilson.. more people should try to be like Wilson!

And Happy 10 Year Anniversary of an incredible gaming franchise from all the Devs at Klei who have poured their heart & souls into bringing this world & these characters within to life. If it was up to me you guys would’ve won that labor of love reward ages ago.

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To think I started playing the original DS on a work laptop, so much has happened and I was glad Don't Starve was there when I needed it. I'll always treasure this game as it has aided me for so long. The art style and gameplay captured my interest and although it has certainly changed throughout the decade, I am willing to see how it goes from here on out. What ever happens in the future, I'll always call back to what it did for me and remember the journey it created for me.

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On 4/23/2023 at 5:36 PM, ShadowDuelist said:

Today is Wilson day! Let's share some love for our most favorite bearded notscientist, and the character that started this amazing franchise!

I first thought he was eating a trumpet in that picture

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