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My Feedback on Wilson's Rework & Daywalker

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Here's my messily thrown together feedback on the new rework.

Wilson's Rework

Pt 1: Torch

While nice in theory, I do feel as though the torch upgrades are completely useless. No matter what, torches are outshined by lanterns. Lanterns simply last longer, have a larger radius, and (my favorite) they're easily refuellable allowing you to save resources.

I suppose there's a point to be made about newbies not knowing how to make lanterns or something, but honestly they aren't that hard to figure out, and once a newbie does figure out I doubt they'll want to turn back.

There's also another point to be made about cave-less worlds, and while that may make torches more appealing, lanterns are still possible to achieve via Crustashines on Moon Quay. (Also miner hats exist.) I also believe that you can easily add caves to a cave-less world nowadays, but correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Overall a neat idea, but I don't think the torch perks are all that useful. 


Notice that the lantern's radius appears to be larger next to the fully upgraded torch.

Pt 2: Beard

I haven't got many complaints on the new beard upgrades, they're simple and nice. I'm not sure how much usage the beard storage will receive. It seems like a pretty peculiar thing that I would probably never use, especially considering I'd probably only have a beard throughout winter and a bit into spring before shaving it off. Of course, extra storage is always welcome and I'm sure that people who like to carry a lot of food on them will enjoy the extra storage space. I will say though, that I wish there was a way to "collapse" the beard UI as there is for the backpack, but otherwise it's pretty nice.

Pt 3: Alchemy 

By far, this is my favorite part of the rework. In terms of farming flint I think the Transmute Ore I: Rock -> Flint transformation is very nice. However I would actually change Transmute Ore II to be Gold -> Nitre. Gold is pretty easy to farm in my opinion, Nitre on the other hand is not. I haven't really got Transmute Ore III, but I do think that it's good for what it is. 

I find Transmute Gems I a bit odd. As someone else said, I think most people consider red and blue gems to be equal in value. Perhaps earlier on red gems might be slightly easier to find, but as the game progresses I find that you just end up with a lot more blue gems. Winter + Spring hound waves, farming mactusk & all. Red gems on the other hand only start popping up in Summer and your second Autumn. Overall the Red -> Blue Gem transmutation just doesn't seem worth it. Especially when it takes 3 red gems to make a blue gem, but I already have lots more blue gems stashed away in the first place? The other gem transmutations also feel a bit weird, although they more or less check out in terms of value I suppose. 

The third section of Alchemy isn't anything special. The transmutations all seem, personally, fine. I will say though that Beard Hair -> Beefalo Wool seems to be missing a description.



Pt 4: Affinity

I haven't explored this section in-depth so I'll just go off what I see in the free crafting tab. I find it kind of odd that you only get 2 Pure Horror out of 1 Dreadstone, but you need 3 Pure Horror to make Dreadstone? I suppose it's purposeful loss to prevent the mechanic from being abused. My biggest issue with this section though is the Pure Horror -> Nightmare Fuel transmutation, since for some reason you need 3 Pure Horror, but you only get two NM Fuel? I do feel as though you should get more NM Fuel, being that Pure Horror feels like a more advanced version of NM Fuel which is also locked behind ruins loot and a boss. With NM Fuel being so easy to come by, and Pure Horror being a tad difficult to obtain, the transmutation definitely feels like a huge ripoff. 

My other main problem with the Affinity section is the Ancient Fuelweaver name drop. I simply feel as though it takes some immersion out of the game. I'd much prefer it if it was changed to something like "Find and defeat the Atrium's Gatekeeper." -or something like that. Something that still hints to the boss, but keeps in shrouded in at least some mystery. 


Overall, a decent rework. Perhaps not the best rework, but for what it is I think it's well done. Some things certainly need tweaks, and I think some of the perks should be changed or removed (COUGH. THE TORCH. COUGH.). Perhaps something could be that Wilson could make a cheaper meat effigy or something? Being that he was the one who invented it, perhaps he's perfected the craft. 

There is also the matter of inspiration. Someone brought up that it's a bit odd sharing a trait name with Wigfrid, but regardless it isn't that big of a deal. I'm more concerned on the topic of gaining inspiration. I do think the current method is fine - just play the game and get more overtime. I do have concerns about cheating Wilson's inspiration though, since you can just instantly gain it by skipping some days in-game with commands. For the purpose of testing, this is fine. However if this is something that's gone overlooked then it should definitely be patched out for release.

- And since I don't where to fit this in, I will say that an alternative method of gaining inspiration could be a little "research tab", something like they have in Terraria's Journey Mode. You put in items to research them, once you put in X amount of items you gain inspiration or perhaps gain a specific transmutation craft pertaining to those items. Maybe researching items could even give you more details on items and what they do, but that sounds like an awful lot of work and there's already concerns going around about Wilson not being the "Vanilla" guy anymore. It's just an idea though.


Daywalker/Nightmare Werepig

I'll start off by saying that this boss seems very out of place on the overworld. It definitely seems like something you should come across in the caves. I mean, it is literally locked behind ruins gear, you can't fight this guy without caves regardless. And also just imagine it.

You're exploring the caves and you come across an area that isn't like any biome you've seen before. The area is large and sort of circular, and in the middle you find it. Chained to those strange pillars, with an ominous pink glow, The "Daywalker."


Perhaps instead of an "ominous pink glow" there could be a small hole shining surface light down on him?

Of course, that's just my idea of how this guy could fit into the game better. If he stays on the surface there's also the matter of the pillar clashing terribly with the turf, they don't look like they belong at all but perhaps that's on purpose. Although, if you wanted it to fit in more I think some turf under his spawn point could go a long way. Look at this marble turf for example: 



Of course, he still looks out of place, but he's slightly less out of place. Although, from my understanding there may be multiple spawn points for the boss so any "turf" would probably have to be fake turf, an asset laid underneath him and the rest of the set piece. 

Overall the boss is interesting, drops are meh though. The boss drops very little Pure Horror or Dreadstone  and the armor, as it currently stands, is just night armor 2.0 and thulecite crown lite (something you'd already have since you have to go to the ruins). I don't see a huge reason to use either item at the moment when I can have night armor or a thulecite crown. In my opinion these items definitely need a buff, and perhaps they'll provide some special effect like the Enlightened Crown does.

Edit: Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention is that Daywalker's "death" animation is a bit lackluster. He just kinda... poof. Not very exciting, I think it'd be cooler if he got pulled into the ground by shadows or something.


Edit #2: Another thing: maybe add a way to reset skill points from the main menu, not just in the character selection screen.


Anyhow I'm bad at ending things and that's basically the end of my thoughts. So I'll just end it off here for now.

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New boss can't be daywalker in the caves, since there is no day. It's obvious devs intentionally put him on the surface to make him more special then just a big werepig. I think next big update will expand his lore and explain why he's here

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6 minutes ago, landromat said:

New boss can't be daywalker in the caves, since there is no day. It's obvious devs intentionally put him on the surface to make him more special then just a big werepig. I think next big update will expand his lore and explain why he's here

yeah the boss does seem to be intentionally put on the surface, otherwise it'd have definitely been a nice caves boss. hopefully my dude will be a bit less outta place when we get some more lore, maybe the short could be about how he got there

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On 3/2/2023 at 5:15 AM, minespatch said:

So a retread of fuelweaver?

doesnt have to be a repeat of fuelweaver, doesnt even have to be shadows pulling the dude into the ground - tbh that was just the first thing that came to mind.

but i feel like most people can agree that the dude just falling to his knees and sitting there for a new seconds before simply ceasing to exist is rather lackluster. although maybe i missed something in my testing run and i need to go back and see if there is something exciting happening there, and if there isnt anything then my point still stands.

i just think it would be cooler if his "death" animation had something a little extra

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On 3/2/2023 at 12:05 AM, Clownarchy said:

Edit: Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention is that Daywalker's "death" animation is a bit lackluster. He just kinda... poof. Not very exciting, I think it'd be cooler if he got pulled into the ground by shadows or something.

Yeah, he's not finished yet. I don't think he's quite close to being finished either. Day 1 there were a lot of unused animations that have been introduced with the previous hotfix so I'm assuming this trend will continue.

I'm seeing a lot of folks mistaken the current death "anim" to be final which confuses me as Klei has never left anything this unfinished in the final product before. 

Really looking forward to what they give him, I'd love something akin to the FW.

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My suggestions:
2 blue gem -> 1 red gem
3 Nightmare Fuel -> 1 Pure Horror
2 Flint -> 1 Rock
2 gems -> 1 gem
3 gold -> 2 nitre
1 Beefalo Wool -> 3 Fur Tufts.

Also make torch upgrades work for everyone and not just wilson. Add (need to learn) the ability to warm up or cook food if you drop it.

About inspiration, I wish I could reset the points. For example, before starting, I can pump what I really need, but as soon as I start the game, I will lose all the points that I did not use. This way we can start the game with a pumped wilson or start with a blank slate.

It would also be good if the shadows we kill from the new boss would give 1 Pure Horror instead of Nightmare Fuel

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Regarding gemstones, I feel that the current exchange cost is too high to use. If the designer thinks that the 2->1 ratio is too strong, I think the 5->2 ratio can be considered.Here is my adjusted gem exchange:

red->bule:For most people, red equals blue, so there is no cost to redeem them


delete purple:Purple gemstones already have a way of synthesis, so they no longer need to be present in alchemy

3purple->orange:This has not changed and is meant to maintain the rarity of premium gemstones

5orange->2yellow:In order to prevent green from being abused, the ratio of 2->1 is obviously inappropriate, but the ratio of 3->1 is almost unusable, so 5->2 is a compromise


I think the most important purpose of refurbishing a character is to get more people to use it, so an overly conservative redemption recipe can make refurbishment meaningless,Therefore, the rationality of proportions is even more important than the elegance of the setting and the visual.


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