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  1. it would be cool if the ability depends on the number of trinkets. for example, if there are 20 of them, then monkeys will not touch you, and if 30 you can craft a bandana and a new paddle
  2. if on a PC this can be fixed with a couple of mods, then on consoles it’s not very convenient, I tried the joystick without mods and it’s really long and inconvenient, the pins will drip but not much
  3. Все языки сейчас делаются через моды другими людьми, вы так же можете поучаствовать, на обсуждении Стим где-то был топик по добавлению и переводу если нужно могу поискать
  4. add the ability to build docks in the flooded forest because it is quite shallow there I would also like to ask you to make it possible to install new boats in the 2x2 zone, because it is possible to swim, but not to build, which is a little inconvenient
  5. I want to share how with the help of docks and a new boat you can make a Garden of Eden and get tons of food First we need to create a small hook so that there is 2x2 inside and place a grass boat there (it will not work to build, use a paddle). Next we need to place 4 Pinchin' Winch with a small gap of 1 cross (use geometric placement) and 4 more as far away as possible from the first 4 We put the seeds in place and lower Then we surround everything with docks and grow Do not forget to plant algae and put nets for fish
  6. 6 slime can also be a good way. or gunpowder
  7. I just didn't even think of that idea. I thought with a shot I could get the seed but I just destroyed it :C but I really like that now you can make such bases and you can plant a bunch of trees and build docks around
  8. I thought this tree could not be destroyed, it turns out you can)
  9. i can't. But if the tree is grown artificially, then it allows me to build in the shade
  10. I suggest adding crafting 1 stone and 1 slime to craft 1 cannonball. because at the moment it makes no sense
  11. I have 2 comments about the docks. -installation of docks makes the water around deep, which is not very logical. -dock can be installed at a depth, I think there must be some kind of restriction so that there is no way to just build a bridge wherever you want
  12. There is my mod that improves the new menu, I advise you to get acquainted with the functionality: The mod allows you to reduce the number of clicks, menu size, adds tabs and much more I tried to make a vertical menu but due to the large number of filters it is impossible, only if you use the old number of filters But I couldn't get the filters to work on the closed menu, so I dropped the idea.
  13. just the opposite. This TE impoverishes DST and SW, and IA completely transfers, leaving only small and basic mechanics, such as ghosts, character rework, and other little things. This mod, as I understand it, positions itself as a complete transfer, removing everything related to dst.
  14. There is another interesting idea: when building it, you can charge the Desert Stone and then it will work until someone touches another and teleports or the player uses the stone. When it is charged, we can use the Desert Stone to teleport, after which we need to charge it again if we want to return in the future. It would also be nice to add movement between caves because Wanda can do it