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[Game Update] - 539293

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with shadow hands trying to extinguish the Tall Rabbit Lamp and Short Rabbit Lamp.
  • Fixed a crash with players calling a slash command without an entity instance.
  • Fixed a crash with a missing carrot action string for clients while playing on a dedicated server.
  • Fixed Glove of Challenge and Pillow Fight Kit being able to be crafted at other crafting stations.
  • Fixed entities pushing the unequipped event twice.
  • Fixed a case with Spin the Carrot getting stuck.
  • Fixed a typo with Wilson inspecting a Flowery Pillow Armor.
  • Fixed being able to steal a pillow right before the Bunnyman picks it up.
  • Fixed Bunnyman range indicators drawing too many of them when placing the structure.

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Thanks I’m experiencing most these bugs right now on Xbox, glad to see that you guys are working so quick to fix them.

I was wondering why Year of Rabbit stuff was craftable from an Ancient Science station lol 

Also as a Temporary fix to the permanently spinning carrot SMACK the rabbits with a tentacle spike, then the next time they try to spin carrots steal it.

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56 minutes ago, sunny91 said:

when does the update shower end? 1 after other fix after fix


I wouldnt mind the update/bug fix shower, but because klei pup regen after every update, noone should and could play there until dev go vacation and stopped.

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Thank you Guys <3

I think we still need some fix about how the bunnys dig and stay stuck some times.

I didn't notice, but we got some update about canceling pan flutes animation? Was so useful, is intended that we can not cancel anymore? :love_heart:

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@JesseB_Klei Thanks for the fixes and the update! I would kindly like to point out that no new vignettes was added with the Year of the Rabbit update. It would be dandy if at least one was added, to have a lasting memory of this particularly lovely Lunar New year. (A personal favorite is the homage to Michelangelo from the title screen - it would make a splendid vignette!)

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