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  1. "I wont discuss about how i put them down there in first place, because i dont want worlds to be ruined because of this." so unless klei dev actually reply to this post to make sure this bug is fix i wont reveal how.
  2. I report this bug before, and then got replied that i can use Pinchin's Winch to hook it up. But then i realized Pinchin's Winch can only be build on boat, and boat cant travel everywhere in ocean, especially this: So how im i suppose to hook that Suspicious marble up? I wont discussion about how i put them down there in first place, because i dont want worlds to be ruined because of this.
  3. So building ancient Fuelweaver in perfect grid using geometric placement (mod) then fight it normally count as cheating?
  4. Imagine you die, and your life amulet inside Woby and noone can resurrect you because they cant open your woby. It just your selfishness that only walter can access Woby. People already have 15 self inventory slots + backpack/sacks slots noone can access. Why even bother needing more? Woby should carry life saving stuff rather than stuff you dont want people to steal. In situations you would die instantly even if you resurrect(10 worms or 20 hounds + lag) One of the good features Woby has is woby keep following you even as a ghost, and if you bumb in to a new player far enough away, you can resurrect using contents in woby. You can always check who steals stuff from your woby and kick them if they really are trolls, locking woby is not a solution to this problem. Also in pvp, imagine killing Walter and going to loots his corpse and realize all his important loots locked in woby, totally unbalanced. So, no, Woby shouldnt be locked in anyway.
  5. Like grooming him, put saddles on him for bonuses, train him to be in beef form longer...
  6. My friends played on klei public for more than 100 days (in game). It was at that time, there were 4 player in this server, all of them played for more than 100 days in game. Then this group of player come All of them only played less than 5 mins, and 3 of them are same account of the same player that login in the same time. They kick one of the original player, then after the world have 4 of the bots and 3 of the normal players, the bot create a regenerate world vote, then progress to success on it. Here is client chat log of my friend when his world got regenerate. The bot join at [00:03:17]: [Join Announcement] Natsu After that they kick one of the real player: [00:04:39]: [Vote Announcement] kick hoang passed [00:04:39]: [Kick Announcement] hoang Then they leave right after they regenerate world [00:05:18]: [Vote Announcement] regenerate passed [00:05:32]: [Leave Announcement] Borris Jonhson [00:05:45]: [Leave Announcement] Natsu [00:05:58]: [Leave Announcement] Nuria client_chat_log_2020-06-14-14-14-18.txt
  7. OH ty i ll try to use winch on everything on the world to see if it drown, i dont know other method of destroying it but drowning them is pretty painful to deal with because i dont know where it is.
  8. Tumble weeds wont drop chess if you havent spawn shadow creatures yet, and by dropping/destroying one of the suspicious marble you wont be able to spawn according shadow ever again in that world. And since the ocean update it is very easy to destroy suspicious marble by drowning them in the ocean, or by other mean. Pls make tumble weed able to drop knight chest if there are no knight head in the world.
  9. When will klei official get an actual upgrade? It die again...
  10. Willow should also loose no sanity from fire staff and star staff. The true child of fire!
  11. it is intended, not a bug. Not only the clipping pig, but also the banker(trades gems), professor(trades relics) and mayor(trade golds) have no limit of how many you can trade a day. Imagine find 50 beautifulcian to trade all the clipping you collected.
  12. Because i dont know how to get her out of space ship, i deconstruct the capsule, then i got her again, and now, all her remaining skill reset to 0. Before her skill was 14 + 9 but now all 14 point of her learning come to zero. Also she gain no job experiences from doing her space mission.
  13. what about giving him the power to befriend with animal like rabbit (with carrrot) and beefalo (with grass), and let he can take out a Pine Cone from a full grow tree or Birchnut from Birchnut Tree without chopping them?
  14. I'm so bad at english so i called it "dot", sorry!
  15. Bug: when player die and revive in the torch stone, they are not follower any more!
  16. It took me five hour to write the codes for my tool, and it didn't completed yet, klei's dev tool is so perfect version@
  17. But when you have that mod already, nothing left to play, you just have to walk around and wait the time past. It mean the same as you are trapped as maxwell, you have everything but you can't have one most important thing: freedom! If you stay in the last chapter of the adventure mode in the daylight and have all the map revealed, you will understand what I'm talking about. It a bit fun, try! "Stay in the last chapter (checkmate) of the adventure mode in the daylight and have all the map revealed"
  18. Haha, so you hate over power? I think i will make a lot of quest to craft this tool in next version, and what about 1% it will dissapear and change in to the tool you are using? That look like when you chop down a tree, you will have 1% that the golden spear will change in to the golden axe. By the way, this version is just for you to test this tool.