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  1. They arent duplicant if they cant be duplicated. Must be a hidden feature all along.
  2. It has been there for so long but i wonder why thimble reed still cant be planted on planter boxes. Back then in beta they cant be planted because "submerge in liquid" requirement, but now, thimble reed is no different from other farm plant, so why they still cant be planted on planter boxes? Im not sure if klei dev just forgot about thimble reed and planter box interaction, or it is intended even when thimble reed no longer require water submerge.
  3. Click box and hover box of all automation is quite wrong on screen. My mouse is in red circle, but when i click, i got the automation building on the red square.
  4. @EricKlei After the update the same seed still cause failed to generate world error. (i tested on both beta branch and current live branch)
  5. Dont build drecko farm near frozen biome. Drecko only live on 15c and up. Maybe mealwood is safe, but drecko can climb wall, and in contact with hydrogen, which transfer heat super fast, and can kill drecko once they reach below 15C. You didnt got meat maybe because dupe already deliver meat away and cook/eat them. This must working as intended.
  6. It hard to catch this, but it happened to lots of my storage after merge update. If you have storage that only store dirt, and you use/destroy all clay you found, save, then load (not sure if save/load are necessary), the storage now also store clay, even though you untick clay before. I think it happened because you have no clay available, so the game think you haven't discovered clay yet, and it mean tick dirt only also tick all "cultivable soil", and after you found new more clay, game automatic click clay. It not only happened to dirt and clay, but lots more type of material got messed after merge update.
  7. It also cause crash when i click on.
  8. Demolisher also cant demolish security door.
  9. Ok got the save that generated the bug. Seem like once meteorshower come, some of the scanner give incoming object detected, and some dont. And you will only see the bug easily if the main meteor scanner cant detect meteor. This happened in the same frame, the scanner on the left cant detect meteor but the scanner on the right can. Step to reproduce: Load the game. Wait until day 707 for meteor to come. The Star-crossed Space Hut Cycle 706.sav
  10. I literally generated this world 2 weeks ago in base game with dlc disabled in steam, not in game. (dev build have new world gen implemented but i like some specific old seed.) and got this bug (after game update.). However even with some of my old save (by old i mean 5~6 days ago) i failed to reproduce this bug, it only happened to me once, so hope sakura's save would be enough.
  11. But final job + 10% piloting does reduce travel time by 10%. So i would love to see it add to the base game. So i wonder where that fact come from.
  12. If you assign dupe to rocket during their bed time/ bath time/ ect, they will consider travel to rocket as fail and will not go to rocket. You can fix this by click to unassign the reassign them, make sure you do that during their work time.
  13. Does fixed mean rocketry trait removed or piloting skill got add to the game? Personally i love to have piloting skill add to the game to reduce rocket travel time. Right now, to travel to mid tier planet in base game (100000KM), it take 30 CYCLES, which convert to 5 hours in normal speed, 2.5 hours in 2x speed and 1.66 hours in 3x speed, in real life, that way too long for someone only play 1~2 hours per day like me.
  14. With the new update, even in base game, dupe can have rocketry trait, which cant be train or access or know how much of that point that dupe have in main game. If you plan to have rocket piloting skill point to base game, please add it to dupe skill list. As you can see, piloting skill still dont appear in base game.