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  1. Willow should also loose no sanity from fire staff and star staff. The true child of fire!
  2. let cover the whole map with scaled furnace and light will exist forever.
  3. Her genrator could refill flingo. Generator double effect of iceboxes. Generator increase crafting speed for everyone if it stay near a craft station (any type of craft station) Lightinng rod could refill her generator. Light from spotlight will change color base on generator gems. Caltapus need to refuel with minerals (rock/flints) instead of infinity damage.
  4. it is intended, not a bug. Not only the clipping pig, but also the banker(trades gems), professor(trades relics) and mayor(trade golds) have no limit of how many you can trade a day. Imagine find 50 beautifulcian to trade all the clipping you collected.
  5. Because i dont know how to get her out of space ship, i deconstruct the capsule, then i got her again, and now, all her remaining skill reset to 0. Before her skill was 14 + 9 but now all 14 point of her learning come to zero. Also she gain no job experiences from doing her space mission.
  6. what about giving him the power to befriend with animal like rabbit (with carrrot) and beefalo (with grass), and let he can take out a Pine Cone from a full grow tree or Birchnut from Birchnut Tree without chopping them?
  7. I'm so bad at english so i called it "dot", sorry!
  8. the dot is real the dot is real
  9. he has a black dot in his animation
  10. Followers For Life

    Bug: when player die and revive in the torch stone, they are not follower any more!
  11. Development tool

    It took me five hour to write the codes for my tool, and it didn't completed yet, klei's dev tool is so perfect version@