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  1. Or, simple solution for Pdirt and Rot and Slime is move them to entire new category: Polluted materials.
  2. It just from ms paint so i can only draw 4 tile but it must be spacing 5 tiles. The point is, wild abor tree does not produce much lumber, lumber does not generate that much power, lumber generator only create 300W compare to dupe running (400W), and convert them to ethanol also the same. It better to make dedicated lumber farm rather than filling them in pip farm that waste power and conveyer rail to deliver them to lumber power system. So i usally under feed my pip, for example, 7 pips only need 2 wild lumber tree, that way it less likely for me to harvest any lumber from pip ranch.
  3. Did something change? Cuz it take 4 cycle for any type of plant to go from ripe to drop, so arbor drop one per 22 cycles instead of one per 18 cycles. So how did you say that is 20 cycle? If so you can totally plant 9 more lumber on your roof of that scheme for more lumbers. Here is my quick edit for your scheme in ms paint You can even extend it more...
  4. It only take 4 cycles to auto harvest, But, BUT i think that schematic plus escher pump is perfect for 0 power auto harvest arbor tree.
  5. Oh this is not pip farm, it is pure lumber farm, by having lumber stack on top of each other like this you can disable dupe harvest and have good supply of lumber with minimal amount of conveyer system. I just have pip there because it was still in planting progress, but all lumber will drop down to bottom where conveyer system is. A wild lumber tree can feed 3 pips, and having more just a waste of time for dupe to harvest (if im correct, pip and drekko wont eat ripe plant, so you should enable harvesting in your farm.)
  6. If you want vast amount of lumber, 2 tile like what you did is better, however, you have to change tile with door so lumber will drop down. The tile on top is to make sure no lumber on top of the tree and any unharvested branch will drop down and you can put your conveyer system there.
  7. As i remember if you have duplicant checkpoint that always automation close, dupe still pathing toward toilet without getting close to it, so theorically you can make super sort room like this. If this work, automation also become much more simp, since you no longer need dupe sensor.
  8. Wut, so we have been mining sand the wrong way all this time? No wonder i always run out of sand...
  9. I planted oxyfern in flowerpot and my dupe deliver water and dirt to flower pot. And i played in vanilla. I mean they did not remove pip ability to plant stuff in flowerpot, but instead, make even if they plant in flower pot, plant still need resource to grow.
  10. Is it just me or pipplanting in flower pot already fixed? Dupicant now deliver ferterlizer and dirt to flowerpot if farm plant was plant there. Still cool to have farm plant in flower pot, but it no better than farm plot now.
  11. This is specificly to remove "Cramped" debuff from any of your ranch without the need of incubator. It is especially good for wild critter because they still reproduce when they are "Ovecrowed" but not when they are "Cramped". So as long as you have one natural tile in your ranch of wild critter so they wont be confined, that ranch wont go decrease in population. Make sure Critter sensor only Count critter but not count eggs. My overcrowed wild Drekko ranch (i keep wild Drekko as they are incase my tamed one died) The benefit of this: Separate wild eggs from tamed eggs as duplicant cant pick up the egg inside the incubator, and, you can choose where egg goes from conveyer system for each ranch. Deilver wild egg from the map by enable manual use on conveyer loader without worrying them being tamed to your perfect populated ranch, because you can have wild ranch. Storage infinity amount of wild critter in one room, as long as that room have 1 natural tile. This is designed for extra small to fit in lots of ranch size, you can make it bigger and add conveyer system to deliver eggshell away. For me and my small ranch, i just reconstruct the tile when i needed the eggshell.
  12. No, not about stop growing, but when plant go under very harsh condition they will uproot themself. Cooking dirt in 125C continiously might uproot nearby plants.
  13. Wont the plant uproot itself when the temperature too high or too low?
  14. You forgot to put in one dirt block in it. Hatch will be confined if the room has no natural spawn block. You are also need one sweeper to move egg out of room to make sure they are reproducing, because having egg in the room will stop them from reproduce. Wild ranching are not as simple as you think.
  15. If you really want 2500 kg of coal per cycles with 150 tamed hatch then yeah, but why would you want those coal? Those mean you are wasting 5000kg of materials per cycle, and, even if you have 1000 tons when you dig the entire map, that pen will only last for 200 days before one type of material run out and you have to switch to other material until you run out of material to switch and all your hatches dies. Making this farm early will make you constantly needing to dig the entire map even if you dont wanted to just to keep the hatch alive. But even if tamed critter have that much benefit, i would only use one of my wild hatch to start and keep all other hatch tame incase i run out of material to feed them and they all die to hunger. My newest world in cycle 380 right now and have around 50 wild hatches in my hatch den. Around 20 of them are natural spawned and 30 of them are from printer pod, mostly from pack of 3 eggs. From egg shell farming perspective, my wild den already 1/3 of your tamed one, and require no material feed at all. For food, after realized all meat based food give soul food and remove dupe athletic, i have changed to bread only diet.