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  1. There a mod call nightmare pharse indicator, with it you can know which pharse and how long that pharse still going. Monkey become wild in wild pharse and dawn pharse. This mod is very useful for ruin rush. Against slurper and normal monkey all you should do is run away from them, they wont charse you like shadow monkey. Later in the game you can wall them or tooth trap them. To find ruin, you have to understand how biome work, basically you have to go from entrance biome to light bulb biome then lichen,monkey then ruin. Early game, best way is use logsuit+moggle then lead clockwork rook destroy everything else, later on, after you reset ruin a few times, use reanimated skeleton to do the fighting for you.
  2. Piggy back is fire prof, a good thing to storage turf and flamables inside without worrying about the cost like DF chest. They are also smaller and deliveriable instead of stay in one place like chest, perfect for storage important items
  3. krampus is a reward... it hard to spawn him massively like how stealing does in hamlet.
  4. Cheating Forge

    Modding and coding is totally in the game and a part of the game. There are not so much game like DS/DST allow player to mod as much as them like, change as much as them want, read as much game code as them can. If you want game that test fully game skill, play some FPS game, not this. The thing about DS is there are always another easy way to do things, but you have to work your brain out for it, not typical FPS game, and will never be. Make enemy fight each other. Mod for easier building or indicator stats. There are like 100 hidden features in the game you cant discover without reading game code or mod, everything is hidden, hp, attackspeed... Pro FPS gamer fight until boss die, solo. Modder check boss code, health, attack range and see any way to break through. Fast attack is one of the way we can break through in the forge, so why cant them use it. Only pro in both fields can do speedrun perfectly. If modding is not a part of the game, why it has this
  5. That not easier money, you have to waste time wait for night every time you do this. While killing the owner give you permanent access to stealing day or night, since everything reset on new day. You are still amateur in stealing, that why you dont see it easiest yet. Read my chat pls: "then 30 oincs everyday without any restriction." by no restriction it mean you dont have to wait for night and can steal from 100 different store each day.
  6. Cheating Forge

    If they are intelligent enough to do it, let them. Not all people skillful in clicking, or having an insane gaming mouse. So you expect you have better clicking skill than programmer then you must play better? people make machines so they can do the job easier for them, as any game. You think making mods and bots are easy? No, they require much more time to practice and learning than playing a single game. They even need to calculate every single even occur in the game to make the bot perfectly to do so. There are nothing wrong about that. Gun are cheating compare to sword. So sword fighter complains and die. The author of this mod just give a gun, not a powerful gun to every players, so they can somewhat fight back. It cant fight against tank, which is cheating compare to gun, but somewhat better than fighting a tank with a sword. Life doesnt work well with people has much body flexible. It work well with people has brain. If you wanna fight them, learn how to program and create a better mod. They can stand still and let the game play because they spent weeks of coding and testing their mods. Thinks smart. Cheaters are only people download other people's scripts and use it. They didnt spend hard time working and coding to make that scripts, so that can be consider cheaters, and that the only reason why this mod should not be exist in store. But the author already named the mod "cheating" so anyone downloaded it already know they are cheaters. Only them, not the author of the mod or any other rankers make mod on their own. disable all mod doesnt work, especially with an open source game (you can literally read every single code in the game), and there are no "unnecessary mod", either disable all the mods, or allow them, and even disable all still will does nothings against moder because there are nothing klei hide from them in the game codes, including all the check sum codes. Dont think coding is easy, it a deadly battle field, that why klei cant do anything. All their code are open, so either be a modder or die like an amateur.
  7. Use 10 oinc to hire a pig guard to kill the owner, 10 more oinc to hire one of the 2 pig guard appeared when owner got attacked to make sure the owner die. then 30 oincs everyday without any restriction.
  8. If you are wondering, you can steal everything in shop when the shopkeeper is asleep. This also spawn Krampus and make farming it's sack so easy. Stealing should not increase Naughtiness level, but instead increase Crime level. Wearing Swashy Hat (from masked pig) will allow you get away from crime but make your crime level fixed at 50 while wearing, and return to default when take off. Shop keeper wont sell if you has high crime level. Guard will chase you if you has high crime level and stand near them. Stealing make it too easy because it give too much resources, from food, to healing and recover sanity, and, it also spawn krampus, which is too easy to deal with to farm krampus sack. If you are in ROG or Shipwrecked, your base is out door and you might worry about them stealing, but all your resources are in your house now, krampus is actually a reward and not any punishment at all.
  9. it is intended, not a bug. Not only the clipping pig, but also the banker(trades gems), professor(trades relics) and mayor(trade golds) have no limit of how many you can trade a day. Imagine find 50 beautifulcian to trade all the clipping you collected.
  10. Because i dont know how to get her out of space ship, i deconstruct the capsule, then i got her again, and now, all her remaining skill reset to 0. Before her skill was 14 + 9 but now all 14 point of her learning come to zero. Also she gain no job experiences from doing her space mission.