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The Puft Plush is available now to order!

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Back in 2020 we created the very first handmade prototype. Since then, we have spent over a year creating the surprisingly complex custom internal mechanism that allows the Puft to live up to its gassy reputation.

For KickStarter we'll be releasing the Puft along with a new line of character plushies from our games called Soft Spots! Be among the first to get your hands on these cuddly friends! We've put together some special bundle prices for so you can get a Puft and one or more Soft Spots of your selection.

Check it out!

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So. Here's the thing, we kind of don't try to hype stuff too much. BUT - we're afraid the soft spots will sell out WITH the pufts, so we don't want to sell them separately otherwise we won't have enough to fulfill the Puft orders as well. 

If there is a massive demand we will know to just order more Soft Spots. 

So on one hand - you could get those before the KS is over, on the other hand there is a chance they will be sold out, so we can't guarantee we will have inventory to allow solo sales right away.

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I wanted to try and pledge for the puft beds, shipping and imports to this little corner of the world is a pita so I didn't mind forgoing some physical goods...

Still, bank's being no less a hassle than customs would be -2 different cards even-, so my dupes will continue to bunk in their vanilla polypropylene beds...




The good news is that kickstarter reports the project milestone is more than met. This means you can keep the fun stuff coming out of that brainstorming factory you got there.

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13 hours ago, Sylthar said:

Is the Puft Plush is still available to order ?

The Kickstarter has ended the money collecting part. They will be available in the Klei store in the future though, so just wait a few weeks/months. I'm pretty sure they will announce when Puft and the soft spots enter the Klei store.

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