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Forum's Opinion On The Wortox Rework And I think Wickerbottom Got Some Changes Too.

Please reply to me if you think this poll is missing any important questions.  

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  1. 1. Did you like the Wickerbottom changes?

    • I love the changes they've made to Wickerbottom.
    • I think they were okay.
    • I have no strong feelings, one way or the other.
    • They are underwhelming.
    • Stupid nerd is still nerd and stupid. Nerd. (I don't like the changes).
    • The options here don't accurately describe how I feel about the changes.
  2. 2. What's your favorite parts of the the new reworked Wickerbottom?

    • The new books.
    • The harsher penalty for consuming stale foods and no longer being able to eat spoiled foods.
    • The ability to repair books using the new bookshelf
    • Nightmare creatures spawning when you read a book while insane.
    • The stuff I like aren't listed here. Dummy.
    • None of these.
  3. 3. What do you think of the awesome new cool Wortox rework.

    • The new changes are awesome, new and of course, cool.
    • It's alright. Nothing too great.
    • Centrism.
    • It could be better.
    • yucky gross imp still. imp. (I don't like the changes. This is for the nerds out there).
    • None of these options could ever possibly describe how I feel about this.
  4. 4. What do you specifically like about the new Wortox changes?

    • The new awesome soul echo.
    • Being able to soul hop large distances using the map.
    • Getting more hunger from souls.
    • Being able to restore sanity from releasing souls.
    • What I'm thinking about isn't really listed here.
    • None of these.

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Wickerbottom rework is killer. Badass, even. One could go so far as to say dope, and dare I say it? Sick. Her new books are great, the bookcase is a very interesting structure, and she is enabled to do many things I bet most aren't thinking about. For example, rushing a boat base as her is incredibly easy compared to others. Due to her passive t1 science, the bookcase, and the everything encyclopedia she can prototype a bird cage with her starting papyrus very easily and have access to all 4 research tiers with just a single structure. No need to catch rabbits or do anything of the sort. This opens up a lot of room on the boat for more structures and lets her get it done much faster.

The new books are very fun, and balanced with both each other and the old books. Her spawning shadows when reading books with too little sanity is an incredible downside, allowing you to continue it for free if you're fine with doing it very slowly or choosing to do something like eat sanity food to keep it up much faster. The only things I'd change about the rework are removing the iridescent gem from the lunar grimoire (It wouldn't really affect solo players at all but would improve public play), changing practical rain rituals' recipe to not be season locked (to allow for morningstar rushes), allowing tein to have a chance to create treeguards when hitting trees (don't remember who suggested this but I think it's a great idea), and potentially changing tempering temperatures. 

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It's true Wicker didn't change much, but I wouldn't go as far as call her boring. Books are her thing, and she got more of them.

Would people have like for there to be a closer relationship between her and her books? Sure. But I think Klei wasn't looking to do any reworking, more so refreshing (unlike other characters who got new mechanics).

In a way we also dodged a bullet because what if unronically she got a book meter. 

Wortox got something really cool and I think he definitely feels more complete as a character now.

That's my two cents, peace.

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I feel like Wickerbottom feels a lot more like a magic caster now and I find myself using her books a lot more frequently as for Wortox I think the changes were good but I still find myself not really enjoying him not for me I guess.

4 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

In a way we also dodged a bullet because what if unronically she got a book meter. 

If you squint she kind of did in the form of rechargeable books.:lol:

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I love New wicker so much, she's changed from a character that had a couple of good tools, and nothing else, to a character that's constantly engaging via applications of said books. Being able to rush certain crafts is a game changer, and makes so much of the early game easier to get a grip on.

Her bookshelf changes so much from old wicker, she's no longer just a character that eats resources for niche effects, she's turned much more long term with them regenerating durability. Having to only make a handful of books is crazy when it comes to resources. 

A lot of people don't see a lot changed, but because of the sanity cost and nightmares, you constantly have to battle it if you want to keep it up, which rewards players who are equipped to handle 3 nightmares at once, and keeps unprepared players from abusing those books. 

She's genuinely become one of my favorites.

As for Wortox, I think his changes are fantastic, and make him a much more viable pick in the late game, as that much transportation is massive. 

Amazing update as ever.

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Wikerbottom rework is the best rework by far in my opinion. It's so nice to finally return to maining her. Recharge of books opened a lot more reasons to craft and use them. Even awful books become good if you can use them indefinitely. I am having a blast! 

She is also very balanced. At first I thought moon book would be OP but practice has shown that it isn't really that useful to have full moons every night. 

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