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What would you think about alternative monkey curse?

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Curse mechanic is cool but trinkets are not, I would want to see how my curse is growing by some kind of UI changes, not an annoying items fill your inventory. Also I'm %100 againist to in-game bars. But that kind of thing might look cool.

Trinkets could be same, dropped by monkeys and player take it when get near to it. But instead player get a item in their inventory, their health bar should get one bead. As player get beads, around of their health should be filled, like this.


As the player get beads, they should heard weird monkey echoes that is kinf of warning mechanic. At last, when player get 10th bead they should get last monkey looking bad to the top of his bar and his health bar should transform something like this and player should turn into monkey as they should be.


I would think that kind of change would be funny and useful, what would you think about this? Would something like that be cool or would you prefer to stay at original?


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Just now, Duck986 said:

I like that green style of a health bar, reminds me of Simian Flu in Plague Inc.

lol, if you are a materialist that don't believe in magic you can say all curse was kind of plague.

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I actually like how the necklaces fill up inventory slots, punishing the player for going on mass murdering sprees against monkeys- if this was changed to a meter and not an inventory item it would take that punishing feeling away..

unless it “cursed” slots in the players inventory like having one single item in your inventory still be wet from spring rain- cursed items can not be moved from cursed slots, but the Trinkets themselves would be applied as a health meter.

I think it’s fine as is though, no need for such a drastic change.

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I really like the interaction between player and cursed items. Devs could have made the curse show only through changing body parts, but it's much cooler to imagine a bracelet or something that you can't take off, that finds it's way back to you when you throw it away.

Idk, just thee concept and implementation really fits for me, and it is supposed to be a curse after all. It should not be pleasant.


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9 hours ago, . . . said:

i would like an option to disable if curse of turning to a wonkey in worldgen if there already is not one

I’m 100% sure toggling off Moon Quay content in the world generation settings will disable becoming Wonkey..

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