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What was the longest time that you didn't play a certain character?

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1 hour ago, Cheggf said:

Idk if I've ever played as Willow. Keep it a secret, okay? 

Fear not I've never played Wickerbottom.............................................................


...or Wilson please to revoke my street cred....

Edit: This isn't entirely true now that I think about it since I had to play as him in solo don't starve to unlock the other characters.


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I don't think I've ever played Wes or Warly. I recently wove Wurt but haven't played her yet. Haven't woven Wormwood yet. Haven't played any of the DS expansion exclusive characters.

I've mainly just played Webber so far. I used Walter and Winnona a little bit (a few hours.) I've only used Wanda, Wortox, and Maxwell for mod testing. The rest I haven't played since DS.

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The longest character I've gone without playing up until recently was Warly. I constantly heard statements that he was really weak as a solo character, had to constantly make different foods in order to stay alive, and was a character that only worked with a team of people. However, even though those thoughts soured the image of the character in my mind, I always had a bit of a fascination with his cooking playstyle. And this interest would turn into obsession when I came across Jazzy Games' Thrill of the Grill series.

It showed me just how powerful and fun Warly as a character could be, and how the misconceptions of being terrible solo or being treated as nothing more than a "swap character" was blown completely out of water.

After trying him myself for the past 2 months, he has become one of my favorite characters to play, especially during the early game when trying to sagvenge for different ingredients and farming different crops. His downside also encouraged me to rotate to different foods instead of using the ol' "meta"balls and pierogi food combo.

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I haven't played anyone but Wormwood since Wolfgang's rework. I dabbled a little Wx-78 but not even a whole year.

Outside of reworks I haven't really played anyone but Wormwood (and Wanda) since Halloween last year. 

My least played character is Walter, I played him a few times on release and never again.

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Either Wilson or Wolfgang.

I just never really play as them. I never really figured out why. Maybe it's because they are both somewhat simple characters. (Which doesn't mean they're not good, I just like more complex play styles.)

Oh, and Wanda. The fact that you have to get to the ruins to craft her good ideas made me not want to try her as much. 

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