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If the survivors were transported into your favorite game ( not including DS/T ) what would happen?

If the survivors were transported into your favorite game ( not including DS/T ) what would happen?  

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  1. 1. Can they adapt

  2. 2. Can they survive

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My favorite game is Endless legend 2

The Survivors would most likely start a new minor faction consisting of Pig, Merm, Bunnymen, Rocklobster, Splumonkey, Walrus, Crab, Gobbler, and Cow, and then be assimilated by a major faction.

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14 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

i got many favourit games

dragon quest series

elderscrolls online

spongebob battle for bikinibotom

asterix and obelix xxl 1

and many more actualy, cant only focus on one

You can do the most recent favorite game you play.

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One of my fav ig is HOI 4, if u don’t know what dat is look it up, it kinda depends on what year and where they are, but if the events go as normal and their in somewhere like in Switzerland they prob be safe, plus it’s kinda just returning the the “real world” so um yea.

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They would form a minor faction called The Constantine since most of the population are from the constant, the population consists of The survivor, Pigs, Bunnymen, Merms, Rock lobsters, Splumonkey, and Walrus, Crabs, Crow people, Gobbler.

Their Political traits are, Curious, Pacifists, and Anti-religious, they are a Pragmatic Pacifists faction.

The race flavor text said, "Faction of an unknown origin, they seem new to the universe, they use to have a history of civil war but now they seem to have peace, they somewhat primitive in their technology but they show great curiosity for science, the faction of consist of all kind of animal humanoid, their life is a simple yet joyful one, go to work/school, play with friends, talk to other, adventure, gather food, hunt animals, gather resources, sit around the campfire, go to sleep, The Constantine love foods that the reason why most of them are fat but they also have strict law about not eating food, The Constantine use Nigmareish fuel to power their civilization they make them by having a bad dream and refining dark things, most of The Constantine doesn't know how to read the ancient mural or runes but The Constantine with the highest education can the skill to read the ancient mural and runes".

The Population Bonus is +5 Food on fertile, 2+Science, 10 pops, increase pacifists Political Output, 20 pops, +20% food on systems with Constantine, 50 pops, Constantine Law -45% food consumption -10 approval to every system that not has The Constantine as the majority, Required Political experience: Functional, Upkeep: None.

The law flavor text said, "The Constantine know what it's like not having enough food well some of them anyway, so they make a law not to eat more than you need, but not everyone agrees with not eating as much as you want".

Assimilation Trait 60/90 Inedible food technology, 30% of IDS turn into foods and you can turn luxury, and strategic resources turn into foods, 30/90 Ancient knowledge, every planet that produces more than 60 dust gives you +10 science.

The Inedible food technology trait text, "The Constantine have eaten a lot of weird things, nightmare fuel, old dust, and other inedible things, so the next logical step is to eat your other resources, with The power of technology and The Constantine ingenuity they figure out how to turn all of these resources into food".

The Ancient knowledge trait text, "When The ancient objects are covered in dust they reveal ancient knowledge far beyond anything on The Constant 2, but some of the knowledge look like it missing something, someone or something don't want us to gain the forbidden knowledge".

They have 7 quests, The divine call of radio can be found randomly when exploring curiosity with tier 3  Science and Exploration and tier 3 Economy and TradeThe Constant 2 tales: Pig and Merm possible quest when you reach 10 populations, The Constant 2 tales: Echo of the cave possible quest when you reach 20 populations, The Constant 2 tales: Story of the ocean possible quest when you reach 30 populations, The Constant 2 tales: Difference of earth and sky possible quest when you reach 40 populations, The Constant 2 tales: Together possible quest when you reach 50, The Constant 2 tales: The Constant secret can be found when you assist The Constantine.

4 heroes, 2 of them from quests, 1 of them from the academy, 1 of them from the market.

The Don't, ( Wilson, Willow, Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, Wendy, WX-78, Woodie, Maxwell, Wes ), Seeker

The Starve, ( Warly, Wormwood, Wigfid, Webber, ), Guardian

The Together, ( Winona, Wortox, Walter, Wurt, Wanda) Overseer

Pearl, Counselor

They would be on a unique planet called The Constant 2, Climate: Temperate, Fertility: Fertile, Type: Terran, Approval: -2, Food: 20 (+14),  Industry: 8, Dust: 5, Science: 12 (+10), Influence: 13.

They will have their own music called "The Constant call" it's a DST theme remix in Endless Space 2 style, and their symbol would be The mural eye combined with Alter's eye.

They have 2 unique anomalies 1 luxury resources, 2 curiosity, a Living moon, Nightmarish fuel, and The ancient remains,

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Wilson in Black Mesa would probably have a "BRUH!" day, all-days. Well, till he'll explode pretty much anything he could get his "mad scientist" hands (and magnificent beard) on. As for combat? Finally a very "go for the eye" type scenario (most creatures sport there one big eye, DC style), though the psionic and energy weapons won't prove very healthy for our lovable puns dork and his Log Suits. *We need more Wilsons-with-Guns in Baisu*

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Psychonauts, I think they would enjoy it until they see animals mutated by Psitanium and 100% Woodie would Apply to work for the camp even though he's not Psychic, he just seems like a very good father, parental guide to young learning kids. And I see all the kids shooting Maxwell with Psi-Blast.:lol: (But all their dark magic is considered being a delusionist so that might be a big uh oh because the Psychonauts are psychic agents)

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