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  1. I truly do not believe Klei will respond, It's been quite a while. I would just upload it.
  2. I don't think they will respond so I would just upload it. You're not selling it for money so the worst they will do is just take it down, which you can then try to appeal later.
  3. I feel as though every gem craft besides the lazy forager are all pretty well used even the blue gem amulet can be used well during summer by only putting it on to cool yourself back down. While the lazy explorer is pretty much only used to get those materials that are stuck in ditches. I propose that it be changed to a farming friendly item fueled by nightmare fuel. I would want it to pick anything nearby so it can be used to quickly fuel up from your grass and twig farms. I'd say it should be fueled by +15% per nightmare fuel and each thing picked be -1% per item. So its not a fully free lunch but it'd be much more versatile.
  4. 2x 68 = 136. and alarming clock does 142.8 when shes old.
  5. you should do one with granny wanda and warly food. I think that does slightly more damage.
  6. I subscribe to the idea that all merms come from the gorge and were once a humanoid of some sort. I think that possibly Wurt could've been that survivor and that's how she became a merm. Though I would assume she would've gotten there through some means other than the portal we see in DST. But then again maybe she lived there initially and got transformed into a merm while there, considering her victorian skin.
  7. I'd rather they spend the resources on regular content updates.
  8. I agree, but I think it's more similar to making a Chester and hutch skin where it's like making a few skins. Their objects have rigs so they wouldn't have to make new animations for them specifically. I'm sure it's a little more complicated than that though.
  9. When I say skin pack I am referring to the big set of skins they do in non character content updates. Such as the last set of fantasy skins. Personally I would like a pack of character specific item/structure skins like winona catapults and warly crockpot. I'd like to see them do at least one pack focused on giving everyone applicable who hasn't gotten one at least one character specific item/structure skin.
  10. I have been interested in seeing more merch/figurines in their store for a while, since they added the blind box figures. So this poll will define new as everyone who hasn't gotten a figurine as they haven't done any new ones since before RoG. I personally would like to see Warly the most, and I've been hoping for some shipwrecked ones since it came out. I have also excluded Warbucks.
  11. I used to main Winona before all the reworks, then Warly, and now potentially wx78 but it hasn't been long. I'd say most of my hours are Winona and Warly.
  12. Holy **** these are really great changes!
  13. Client mods can still cause problems. Disable those too.
  14. jimmy does not take up circuit slots