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  1. This is not a good idea at all, we need some stuff to be random in order to have fun, not everyone is playing on a mega-base. If anything, it should be only possible before the world generation, not after.
  2. I don't like these 3 changes a bit! completely unnatural to DST. Thanks for everything else done, amazing updates.
  3. I don't know who you are talking about, probably because I'm a rather new member of DST universe. Nonetheless rest in peace and I hope the family is doing alright.
  4. Hard to believe, I didn't use any of the Farms in 2600 hours; They both look okay tho.
  5. So here are my original tips that do wonders: Help Collecting Stuff: As you play more, you realize there are tons of chores in the game; Most of it is about collecting what is chopped and brought down. Whenever you see someone chopping a Tree, mining a Boulder or digging Graves, follow closely and pick whatever is dropped. (Don't give any of it to them since it will distract them and cause annoyance.) The Backpack Protection: Backpacks are one of the most important items, which are usually full of resources. When a player drops them, don't let it stay there in the middle of jungle or pick it up to protect it. (You can later drop it near the Campfire for them.) Help Designing the Base: Whenever a player is going through them, open and close the exact Chest they just used and repeat this until they are done. Place Torches in the Chests. Place Razors, Pitchforks, Shovels and such all over the base in case someone needs those. Drop Rocks and Gold on the ground while camping near Ping King. Make Chests without using Geometric Placement mod. Never Hammer down the Science Machine after the Alchemy Engine is made. Provide Resources: As Webber, place your Spider Eggs at the Portal, for the newcomers. As Wigfrid, Create 20 Spears and 20 Helmets using the resources at base. As Walter, Drop around 10 slingshots at base and fill chests with projectiles. As Wickerbottom, Create 40 books of each kind and throw them on the ground. As Wormwood, Plant seeds at all empty spots of the base to make use of it. Rush Caves as Wolfgang to bring most needed items, Yellow and Orange gems. Lead Fellow Survivors: The moment a newcomer joins the server, tell them to stay at portal and go get them. After that, do not let them collect any resources, and tell them to keep following you, as you are the leader in charge. After you carried them to your base, tell them to go collect what you need from the world, and from now on they are the one that bring newcomers to the base. Note: Make sure to follow them while they are out there, and if they did collect items, or did anything other than what you asked them to, quickly ask: "Did you find the x stuff?" , and they will keep moving again. Help Fighting Mobs: Randomly hit the Giants with fist to break their chase, while someone is luring them. Sometimes the Deerclops may spawn at the base, so instead of leaving it, stay there and keep watch. Use Torches and Fire Staffs to attack bosses; The burning effect will speed up the fight. When fighting Dragonfly, stay outside of the made Wall, to not let any Lava minions pass by.
  6. Yeah, Shadows are not the only way Maxwell caused harm.
  7. I'm also not having fun at Summer DST, It just feels empty! How about reworking the ambient sound a bit so the world sounds richer, decreasing the overheat damage tiny bit so it's not about one time burns, like Hound Attacks, Wildfires, and Overheats, but a passive Summer feeling without constant penalty that follows it. We could add heat-complaining quotes to Pigmen, so they share the misery with survivors, and the raw edibles get cooked on the ground after 5 sec of medium and 5 other sec of severe smoking, and finishing with a "Puff" sound effect. We could have a different kind of hat added to the game, like a shawl that covers your head and face. Simply anything that at-least deceives the player to thinking the world is richer, or actually making it richer during Summer.
  8. It's interesting, but not odd, I've noticed that in many adventure movies where the theme is exploring a cave or ancient ruins, they always have kids to that, because adults already know what that structure is, when it's made and what it is made of, plus have a knowledge of every single Sci-fi scenario and history bit; But kids are supposed to have better imagination, and at DST we have comic theme, a lot of colors, even enemies are humored and I think the dying animations are not that serious.