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Do berry bushes regrow in survival modes?

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They regrow in endless. Do wish for berry bush renewability though. They aren't all the powerful unless you get birch trees for nuts for trailmix and that's practically only good use. Farming via ground is better but I still wish to have bushes regrow in survival just to make bases look nice.

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Huh. Has it always been this way? I would have sworn I'd seen Juicy Berry Bushes appear later on in my games when I played years ago, but I didn't usually play outside Survival. Maybe I'm misremembering.

That's actually kind of a bummer, since it means that Survival worlds that don't start with any Juicy Berry Bushes will never have them, whereas Twiggy Trees and Grass Gekkos can be acquired even in worlds that don't start with any.

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