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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, all is in the tittle. if I use a NOT gate the signal become inactive but how can I keep it active for 10 seconds ? I'm not really an expert in electronics and don"t understand how I can do that ...
  2. And are is there a list of what counts as heavy machinery?
  3. Hi, This has been something I've been wondering about for quite some time now, I've used google search and also read the Wiki but i have never gotten a definite answer so i'l ask here and hopefully someone more experienced/knowledgeable than i am can give me the answer. The reason why i'm asking is because i wanted to dig up all if not most of the Rocky Turf to make Cobblestones for a Mega Base project, akin to what I've seen in DST Mega Base tours I've seen in YouTube where people had big Cobblestone roads connecting their base to other far off areas and i was becoming curious if there is enough Rocky Turf in my game to potentially make something similar. Thank you for reading and a good day to everyone.
  4. It sortof makes sense, but why have nettles semi transportable? They seem to be more of a cactus/reed sort of thing with the "topiary being deleted" fix
  5. Hi, In my last game i was confronted with a magma volcano. I tried to utilize it with a steam turbine but then the magma was getting into contact with the turbine and it melts away. I was increasing the distance to the volcano but then sand built up in tile form (some tiles having just milligrams of sand) and that blocked the steam flow, caused overheating and gone the turbine was again. The magma heat was melting all installations in the chamber, so I wonder how to utilize the magma without causing blocks in the steam flow or in the volcano eruption?
  6. so let get to the content - are there anyway to make a logic system that: active if duplicant go "in" and deactive if duplicant go "out"? - (not really necessary cause i dunno where to use) are there any way to make a logic gate at higher priority than others?
  7. I know the basics, like 'don't take everything you see' and 'don't grief', but what else is an essential part of being a considerate player?
  8. Is it inherent in the engine that building materials are min/max'd for temperature when making new structures? It would sure be nice to make granite tiles that are 10 degrees like I found it. Does it have too be that way, or was this an arbitrary number set upon whenever? Is it possible that the thresholds can be removed or modified? Why is it that they are clamped at the points that they are currently at? Is there any literature that discusses it, in any detail?
  9. Font creation

    So...I do graphic design. Vector stuff is pretty simple with Photoshop CS5, what I use. So, let's say that I can already make every letter shape that I want in that manner. Is there any way of turning those already existing shapes into a font without spending a ton of money on more software? I've found some free software involving building blocks (can't achieve what I'm looking for) or writing symbols on a PDF, which supposedly ends in low quality...defeating the purpose of a vector graphic in the first place. mainly asking here because I know a Klei employee has made at least one functional custom font file (the character name one), but wasn't sure what they used for it
  10. Some backstory: Me and my lads were talking about Don't Starve and we all questioned the ages of each character, since its never really told except for Maxwell, who is the oldest, so I was gonna put my list of what I think the ages for them were, and we'd love some feedback on what everyone thinks about it. (keep in mind this is what we came up with and not official, this is out thoughts lol) Wilson: 22-27 years old, since he can grow a beard Willow: 16-20ish? She still has a toy bear, which leads me to believe she is on the younger side of things.. but idk for sure... Wolfgang: 26-29. I think he would be a little bit older than Wilson, but not as old as Maxwell, and he seems to be well built for it. Wendy: 16-19. Wendy should definitely be the youngest, since she has the highest pitched voice and in her picture is seen to be pulling petals out of a flower. WX-78: Hes a robot so idk man lol Wickerbottom: 40-50? She is the second oldest of all the characters, and she is still old, but has a great memory, as seen by her vast knowledge when inspecting things. Woodie: 30-38. Nothing interesting here, just a guess since I don't really play him.... Webber: 16-17 He is obviously still a child, proven by his very playful voice lines and his constant talking about his family and pets. Wes: 0-99 Wes OP Klei plz nerf Maxwell: 60-70. Hes old, is always talking about him being old, seems to have forgotten a lot of things about his OWN WORLD and talks of being dapper.\ Hope this got some of you thinking about how old they are and I appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading.
  11. The title is pretty selfexplanatory. Do any of you guys know if wild dreckos lay eggs if they are overcrowded? The reason I ask is because, well, I just kinda assumed they would, so I crammed a whole bunch of them into one room... Some of them are getting close to death, but I'm not seeing any eggs. Am I just being impatient? Or am I slowly killing my wild population?
  12. My insulated liquid pipe made of abyssalite breaks as soon as liquid glass goes through it. The most confusing part is that other sections always OK and pass liquid glass with no problem. A have already tried to rebuild pipe and forge, save\load and save\quit\load/ Also i have tried. First time it happens because i built insulated pipe of igneous rock and it was par for the course. but what happens now, when i'm building it of abyssalite? Game writes me "cold damage". First piece of glass drops under dupe's feet, 2nd and 3rd goes through pipe succesfully.
  13. Or can someone explain the developers that it took us long enough to understand Heating before, why making it more incomprehensible?
  14. Hi. Is it possible to decompile any .zip file containing only anim.bin or atlas-0.tex with build.bin ?
  15. Hi, does the puddle trick work with Natural Gas Vents and similar, i.e. having some liquid less than 2kg/tile on its bottom, would that cheat the max pressure "sensor" of those? Cheers, SF
  16. Hamlet

    Hello! I have some questions about Hamlet... 1. How much it will cost? 2. Will it be in Don't Starve Alone Megapack?
  17. Ask the Tree!

    ~ Ask the Tree ~ In this Thread, you can ask me any questions you like. Whether its just plain stupid, or serious, Any questions will be answered by Me. ╱╲ ╱•⌓•╲ ⎺▆▆⎺ .
  18. It's a simple poll. Which do you think is harder to survive, winter or summer? Personally, I think that winter is harder to survive, because the things that you require to survive winter are much harder to acquire than those for summer. So, what do you think?
  19. Question about DST

    Will multiplayer only be for steam? I can't get a steam,but I would really love to play DST. Please don't let it only be on steam. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT!
  20. Alright. I decided that it would be a good idea to keep my questions in one thread, so I don't lose them. This thread is not just for my benefit, I intend for other modders to draw inspiration from it as well. So, now for the questions. A) Is it possible to implement an additional background stat similar to naughtiness? What about one that decreases/increases over time? B) Can I call an event such as: monster spawning, change of season, lightning strike, naughtiness/background stat increase when something is crafted? C) Can pig strings be changed if a certain event happens? D) Is there a way to make the character become paralyzed temporarily? E) How to make my custom character a carnivore?(ANSWERED) LINK TO POST F) How to add the spider hat effect to a custom character without a spiderhat?(ANSWERED) LINK TO POST Note: In this post, I fumbled around with the concept of using tags to make spiders not hostile to me. There is a useful bit of code which I used to tweak a prefab at some point in the mod's development that may be useful to others. G) How to make a character not be slowed down by webs? AKA how to make a character run on webs? Nots: This stumped me, as I looked at turfs.lua, locomotor.lua, spider.lua, and several other prefabs and stuff and did not figure out anything. When I asked a question on the "Modders, Your Friend At Klei" thread, I was suggested to change move speed, but....that would make the character faster when not on a web... E) How can I change prefabs of existing game files without overwriting? When answering, please state the letters of the questions you are answering. For ease of use, I will occasionally select the best answer(s) to a question and put it in a spoiler or just add a link to the post. Best answers (so far) by Squeek:
  21. I'm not sure if this is because I'm using the latest beta or if its been like this for a while. It seems all 3 types of the hounds are compressed into a single prefab file but in hounded.lua it mentions multiple prefabs including firehound and icehound, is it possible for any clarification on this? as I've been searching for a while but haven't turned much up all Ive found is that this is in hound.lua when I'd assume each would be separated from the normal hounds so to add another hound would I simply copy one of these and just tweak some of the statistics and lootdropper prefabs (after adding said prefabs to the associated prefabs part at the top of course) and of course sorry to bother you all after some additional searching I have found out icehound and firehound seem to be set_builds but this file compression still has me a little confused on how to add more
  22. Wilson plz

    Ep 1 n Ep 2 un Ep 3 is oat so iz Ep 4 un Ep 5Ep 1 http-~~-// This is Symage's art, I made the vid. Here's the thread: