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"What can I cook right now?" Dish List

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Heya, I've compiled a tight & simple list of dishes you might want to try out if you have ingredients lying around in icebox and don't know what to cook.
The list is generally about dishes that contain ingredients which are common and easy to acquire, which means it won't have stuff that require specific setups, eg. vegetables, stone bushes, barnacles. Honey is the exception cos you can spank wild nests and the queen hive for honey

Some boxes might be misaligned, or there might be inconsistencies in design here and there - sorry :(
I hope it will help!

The images are big, therefore they're blurred. Click on them for better quality!




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1 hour ago, kiwikenobi said:

These are very useful charts! I think adding surf 'n' turf to the wobster one might be a good idea, since surf 'n' turf is a really good dish, and it just needs wobsters and monster meat to make.

Nice catch! I actually had no idea wobsters have a fish value of 1 instead of 0.5, that's pretty good to know, thank you.

Added Surf n' Turf. Also adjusted sharpness on recipes so they look less of a blurry mess. Sadly thumbnails remain blurred, need to click on the images for better quality.

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It's also useful to know that one can use batilisk wing as a replacement for morsel and leafy meat as a replacement for large meat (normal or monster) as long as player uses no more than 1 piece of leafy meat.

Even without specific setup one can loot leafy meat from randomly spawned across the map lureplants (while relocating them) and from killing carrats that fall during earthquakes in the grotto in ready to pick state. Therefore early random beefy greens with carrots/lichen/stonefruit (from the grotto) or just such substitute for large meat is not out of the question.

Another useful thing to know is fish sticks made with fish, stick and 2 monster meats.

If your ice box is in the ruins you may want to cook 2 eels and 2 monster meat into surf'n'turf in regular crock pot, so it may be useful to bring fishing rod if one plans to build a base there. Another 2 last resort recipes in the ruins, and yet capable to save life are: spicy chili (2 lichen, 1 monster meat, 1 morsel) and fruit medley (3 banana, 1stick/nightmare fuel). I know they are garbage most of the time, but they can be useful to gain a bit of health if neither of better ingredients/food refining stations are available (no honey, no birdcage, no drying rack and some time, no pig to convert monster meat into meat, etc.), no other options to raise health.

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Thank you all for your feedback :love_heart:

- Added "Meat Value" to the first two lists
- Added a few extra recipes to some meats
- Added section for Leafy Meat
- Presence of a Wobster has been further blessed by being included in a Meaty Stew recipe

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