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  1. "Speedrunning" term seems to be thrown very loosely these days. What would its true definition be? On surface, just from the word alone, one would assume it means to simply complete the game as fast as possible. But there's a catch - previous records, leaderboards, and stuff like that are omitted. But now, when you start comparing your efforts to other players, for example finishing a game in 13:42 compared to the top 100 people being near 7 minutes, you start wondering - is your attempt no longer considered to be a speedrun? And if it's not, what was it then? "Rushing"? But you had a clear goal set in mind, to "speedrun" it. I think what matters the most is the environment in which you showcase your achievements. Standards become much more harsh, with efforts being compared to those players, who invest a lot of time in perfecting techniques to make things go fast. But to an average player who simply likes to chill, you can very often impress them with your efforts.
  2. Sorry, I didn't think this through. I want to know more about this whole "interacting with inventory" thing, like are you able to use special items in wereforms? Is inventory just available to use foods, or specific things? Or are you able to use everything from it? On paper, it does sound nuts, but at the same time, his forms sooner or later get outclassed the more you progress. His weremoose, for example, can be replaced with a marble suit and ham bat, without a penalty of being unable to use any other items, especially healing, and night vision becomes redundant with many light sources you can prepare in advance, such as a lantern, star caller, etc. Amulets still take a lot of effort and magic to obtain, and by this point if you know how to make these, you won't be having much trouble overall obtaining the right tools to replace totem's powers. EDIT: Now I am stupidly contradicting myself after saying "you essentially obtain expensive materials at the cost of some monster meat.". What I wanted to say is that Wereforms should allow you to only use specific items, outside of inventory or with inventory, but with interesting drawbacks or nuances. Healing food can be way too strong early-game, because weremoose grants tons of damage and damage reduction, but it can be fine once you get deeper into the game. No clue what to suggest.
  3. Might interfere a bit with balancing, you essentially obtain expensive materials at the cost of some monster meat. I think it would be cooler instead to interact with items on the ground, e.g. Weremoose performing Bearger's eating animation for food on the ground. Being able to also keep an amulet equipped in wereforms would be incredibly helpful, since there are a lot of fun things to take advantage of, whether it be a chill amulet combined with weremoose's enormous damage reduction, or a magi for extra speed, maybe also lazy forager picking up in weregoose form.
  4. Instead of changing core mechanics of combat, I would personally love additions instead. Tons of possibilities to make combat a fun time. As many folks suggested, you could block attacks with large weapons. Perhaps make the character be able to throw their spear for damage. Maybe give your night sword the ability to sort of charge up and do an AoE slash. Hell, why not make Hammer fit for combat too by giving it an optional attack which stuns? I'd say different weapons should bring in different and fun combat mechanics for yourself to strategize in fights with. Of course, all of that should be optional, understandably not everyone wants to deal with this and simply just want to smack - that's fine!
  5. I agree until this part. Why exactly do you think farming is bad? Frequently, when farming is mentioned, one thinks of giant crops, which aren't even necessary to go for in the first place. You can simply till the ground, plant the seeds, and then forget - you get food fresh for picking in just a few days, along with the seeds. It barely takes any time, yet it's so free. Even bigger bonus if you have a friendly fruit fly, or it's raining constantly at spring, because you'll be getting 1-2 seeds upon harvest depending on how you plant. Extra attention will be required when you do wild seeds, of course, since there will be weeds, nutrient imbalances, water consumption, but just a little effort for that will help you in the long run. Occasionally popping in to play one-man band and then running off to your deeds works great too. Edit: The feature takes some time to learn, to know how to spread nutrients evenly, to check which seasons are preferred for crops to grow quickly, but for all that work you'll get a very nice reward you can pick passively with not much effort. Meat farms are great for hunger, vegetables are amazing for healing.
  6. I don't really get this whole necessity of choosing best food source, all of them can perform amazingly and suit all your needs, the difference is just execution and experience you're having with them. Of course, on paper meat farming is the most efficient, you can just click on the oven and let it release 20 meats with zero effort. But what if you get bored of that, and you'll want to have fun with another way of making food? You won't get punished for harvesting hundreds of potatoes, they'll work just as good to solve your hunger problem, which usually is never an issue in the first place with a bit of experience.
  7. Terrarium should either spawn the eye on someone, who touched it, or spawn it in a spot that has the most amount of people nearby. The random chaotic nature of spawning just doesn't work in a multiplayer setting even if one's so concerned about the "uncompromising" part of the game. On one hand, it is scary but thrilling when something horrific spawns near you and you're supposed to survive it, but on the other hand, the fight is often triggered when a group is completely prepared to face it - the eye does not just simply appear out of nowhere, the fight has to be triggered by someone. And imagine yourself, along with 4 players, all geared up and prepared to fight, when suddenly some idiot named Greg made the eye get summoned 50 miles away from base?
  8. Fortunately, you can use Weremoose charge right before your transformation ends - the weremeter gets stuck at 0 as you charge until you stop, that extra speed often gives you enough time to quickly detransform and equip armor back with a hotkey. The only issue you'll be facing is immediate starvation, alongside other dangers you're probably facing, which means it's advised to also bring a panflute or ice staff if something dangerous keeps chasing you. These dangers often end up making weremoose unattractive, because (insert obligatory "hurr just use hambat/dark sword and marble suit!!!11")
  9. I think some small & fun Blooming perks would be really cool. Maybe a teeny tiny health regeneration from rain, or accelerating plant/tree growth when you're close by. It'd be also interesting to see more bonding interactions with plants, e.g. draining or giving them a piece of your life for exchange.
  10. 1.) Would love more ways to make Weremoose able to stop his charges earlier, right now he can only do that if you're trying to dash into ocean/void (correct me If I am wrong) 2.) A way to strengthen his totems with moon powers. I think it'd be fun to invest into more risk for better reward. Maybe for example let Werebeaver gradually turn rampage the more things he gnaws, which further accelerates and strengthens him at the cost of massive sanity loss. Or an alternate ability for Weremoose, where your charge deals tremendous damage + stuns, but it hits only the first target and you won't be going through monsters - that way, it's dangerous to use that in situations with multiple monsters. Those are just examples of course, there can be tons of possibilities. 3.) (Additional suggestion to Pig Princess' post) Maybe extra amulets / buffs to amulets when wearing them in wereforms? Also lots of good stuff already suggested above by folks
  11. I haven't seen a single soul who would claim DST to be "too easy". No matter how good one is, simple mistakes can always punish hard, and make you feel stupid. A lot of times, folks refer to the standard DST world preset when they refer to the game itself. The challenges you have listed are handicaps nobody wants to deal with, there's a difference between challenging yourself for fun and sliding off the scalding hot roof naked without any enjoyment. Imo it's more fun to rush things, which means still being able to eat, craft things, but you put a time limit on yourself, so you have to do things like doing ruins on day 4, etc.
  12. I've made a thread pretty long ago with book ideas, I think people's suggestions can help you come up with interesting stuff.