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Feather hat is something in your control to get more seeds. Rain is something mostly out of your control to get more seeds but if you really want them super hard a p staff can make it rain.

Nothing special you do with the birds. I believe whether or not they will drop a seed when they leave is determined when they spawn, so whether you scare them or leave them alone they'll drop it the same if they have it.

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Plant normal seeds until you get pumpkin plants, then take care of it (watering them, fertilizing them with growth formula fertilizers, talk to them) until it gives crops, the more you take care of it the more pumpkin seeds it gives when you harvest the pumpkin.

Plant the pumpkin seeds again, give a caged bird the pumpkin for an extra seed, take care of it and repeat the process until you get enough seeds. Your goal is to get at least 9 seeds to grow them into giant crops, those give a lot of seeds and pumpkins.

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Wait for rain, then birds spawn more often, meaning seeds can be collected way faster in the rain

I would also mention that it isn't recommended that seeds are collected in winter, birds land less often, which makes seeds harder to gather in the harsh winters

You could also plant a normal seed to get a chance for a pumpkin. If you can take well care of your plant (which is talking to them, fertilizing them, watering them, etc), it will give you two seeds of that specific crop when harvested. If you have a bird in a cage, feed the pumpkin to the bird to get an extra pumpkin seed, repeat this cycle as many times as you'd like to mass-produce pumpkin seeds

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