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  1. Is this a thing you can do? I tried it on my ps4 but it just goes into the land not beached wasn't aware you could do this.
  2. You say it's not ready yet for playstation but does it go the other way? ie I mainly play on ps4 but plan to switch to switch when it comes out will the skins I have on my ps4 be available on switch? This is amazing if true
  3. Kinda wish I could start getting this for a Nintendo Switch account
  4. Can't get this to work no matter what I try end up turning of auto pause to make my load of boards then turn it back on
  5. Seemed to have lost the ability to auto make stuff by holding down the buttons can only make one at a time now. But I love the option to pause.
  6. This is the same with spiders in the caves, turn cave spiders and dangling depth dwellers to none and they still spawn but spitters and warrior spiders don't spawn
  7. Thank you for replying, saves me running of to try it I'll wait till next update
  8. Any update with this? Was moving him to my base just before the update and can't get him to my base now
  9. Tried two nights in a row to move the stagehand, was no other light source around or fireflies it just wouldn't budge
  10. It hasn't happened since the update thank you
  11. Seems to only be happening on worlds created after the last update, I've been playing a world I started before the update and having no issues
  12. I started a new world explored for 7 days logged off came back on later and recieved this error code. Had to close it down to get back in and it happened again 2 more times. Deleted world started a new world and got the same error within 5 days of exploring.
  13. We can make huge worlds on PS4 now and set everything to more if you wish :D found an issue that in the curio cabinet I can't change the filters it's fixed to what I own and I can't move the selection up to change any of the settings so i could wravel some of the new skins:(