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  1. Hi, When playing split screen when you refuel a lantern or use a sewing kit or the like it shows you the percentage above your cursor so you know how close to 100% you are which is great. But not in split screen, I have to add a light bulb move to the next item to see the percentage then move back to add more. Just seems weird it's easier on split screen Cheers
  2. It hasn't happened since the update thank you
  3. Seems to only be happening on worlds created after the last update, I've been playing a world I started before the update and having no issues
  4. I started a new world explored for 7 days logged off came back on later and recieved this error code. Had to close it down to get back in and it happened again 2 more times. Deleted world started a new world and got the same error within 5 days of exploring.
  5. Started a new world had this error 4 times then started a new world and got the same again. All I'm doing is exploring
  6. Woody has an increased chance of spawning them beaver form will not
  7. Thank you, you were right cleared out the mess the spiders and bunnymen had made and it became a lot better, guess we on PS4 can't just leave them alone like they do on PC.
  8. Last few days I've been playing and it seems to take ages just to pick up items like Seeds seems like the animation has paused, when I go to chop a tree my character just stands there till I click again and I'm presently moving to a bigger base so grabbing stuff from my old chests to move to my new base and last night I almost got to my new base and my character slid all the way back to my old base. Also seems to have a lot of skip backs where I'm running then suddenly I'm 5 feet back where I was.
  9. Do the skins you own transfer from ps4 to ps5? Saw someone mention they upgraded to a ps5 and lost all there skins.
  10. Hi, how do the season settings work with the new update? I had the world I play with my son set at very long autumn, short winter, short spring and short summer. He was struggling with summer so I changed that to none now they all seem to be set to default. Did I do something wrong? Oh I'm on PS4 Cheers
  11. We can make huge worlds on PS4 now and set everything to more if you wish :D found an issue that in the curio cabinet I can't change the filters it's fixed to what I own and I can't move the selection up to change any of the settings so i could wravel some of the new skins:(
  12. I'd much prefer to play on Switch, could play alot more but I've got a lot of skins on PS4 wouldn't want to start over :(
  13. Does having a long Autumn affect the no eye deers growing antlers? I've got my world I play with my son set at long autumn and short on the other seasons but we were thinking of trying Klaus. I found the no eye deers and was camping near them a day before winter and about 3 days into winter, even spent a day in the caves and none of them have grown any antlers. Wondering if they all ready grew them earlier in Autumn and i missed it. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  14. Since the rest have been added to the reward page, does that mean when twitch drops return it won't continue were it left off?