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Many frog and Wurt ideas

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I'll start out with some of my cool frog ideas:

  • Frogs will now eat small bugs like butterflies, bees, mosquitoes, light bugs, and lunar butterflies (credit to uncomp mod)
  • Frogs will do a croaking animation that last for 2 seconds after 4 consecutive attacks (to help prevent unfair hit stun deaths)
  • Frogs caught by traps will not instantly turn into frog legs (I'm pretty sure they're the only mob now that instantly dies being caught)
  • Eye plants can eat frogs whole 
  • Frogs fall from earthquakes caused by Toadstool (replacing falling rabbits)
  • Frogs spawned by frog rain now explode like water balloons after 4 minutes (making things around it wet and putting out potential fires) 
  • Live frogs can be used to craft a vest that works similarly to the inflatable vest but has a spoilage timer of 10 days (recipe idea: 2 live frogs, 4 kelp, and 2 mosquito sacks)
  • Live frogs can be used to craft a tier 2 umbrella that gives 100% wetness (recipe idea: 1 umbrella, 3 live frogs, and 1 tentacle spot)
  • Wes has a new exclusive crafting recipe turning live frogs and 5 sanity into balloons and when popped splash the area with water
  • Frogs are neutral to Wurt and Merms
  • Frogs are passive towards Toadstool

Now time for some Wurt ideas:

  • The most demanded/well known ideas of course like better merm ai, lower resource costs, better merm king mechanics, etc.
  • No sanity penalty from eating garlic and onions (quotes contradict the penalty) 
  • Wurt can now tame frogs with live bugs and butterfly wings 
  • Wurt can now make frog dens that spawn friendly frogs (don't attack other players) that stay up all day and night (main use is to make basing near a swamp pond more manageable and a recipe idea can be: 1 live frog,2 logs ,3 rocks, and 5 reeds) 
  • Frogs held in Wurt's inventory last longer, but doesn't give sanity like fish do

Bonus ideas:

  • If a frog eats any red, green, or blue spore it will explode into a spore bomb
  • If a frog eats a lunar spore it will explode normally  
  • If a frog eats a moon gleam then it will get shocked and drop cooked frog legs
  • If a frog eats a light bug it will light up similarly to eating a glow berry
  • Live frogs can be added to a watering can to add 50% more durability 
  • Mini toadstool critter that needs: 1 spore skin, 1 live frog, and 1 froggie bunwich
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30 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

I only have one thing to say: what’s with you & the exploding frogs? :lol:

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In nature, real life frogs tend to just explode from many reasons.


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I really like a lot of these ideas, they seem like they add a good bit of fun to another one of the constants small common beasts- while also giving them some fun limits.

Some adjustments that come to mind would be maybe making the frog dens an "attachment" that goes on ponds rather than something that can be added anywhere, just to make frog spawning a bit more limited. While frogs are currently one of the higher risk small animals for Abigail to mass-murder she can still chew through a lot of them, and paired with the addition of them being night-active and having an animation to cut their damage down you could def make a good farm just bulk crafting. Of course, limiting the spawns more is also an option- especially since Wurt herself is vegetarian and thus would have more incentive to protect her little pet frogs over using them as a meat source.

Taming frogs also seems pretty limited as an addition, but maybe instead of directly "taming" adding a den to a wild non-swamp pond replaces the frog spawning with Wurt's more domesticated ones, so the hostiles no longer spawn. This would be good for ponds used for fish or near bases, but would be detrimental for any ponds where the hostile frogs actually end up being useful (such as frogs spawning from moose/goose setpieces)

Somehow, im reminded of how tarantulas and frogs often co-home because the frogs help protect the tarantula from small insects like ants... Webber Wurt friendship arc

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What if, Wurt can shave toadstool's mushroom for shroom skin.

And wurt can use shroom skin for silly new crafts, like planting new mushroom spawners (create your own mush-ring). Maybe a toadstool crown/body armor that boosts stats or automatically befriends nearby merms or enables us to spawn boom shrooms every few seconds

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On 1/8/2022 at 7:02 AM, Oyrx said:

In nature, real life frogs tend to just explode from many reasons.


Im sorry but this statement with the pepe pic is funnier than anything posted in maxwell memes :lol:

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