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Fence skin :v

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is it's me or Gingerbread Fence is one of the worst fence skin (the other one is the pipe) despite how pretty it is

the diagonal look like it's floating mid air unlike the Walnut Garde that has a similar shape 





plus, this and Pipe Fencing are the only skin that imo does not match with any type of wall or wall skin




fortunately, it alone can be use for decoration near the gingerbread house and the candy cane, but here is the thing, there is a Gingerbread Gate that go with the fence, but as far as I know, you only use the gate when you decide to close the space with those fence.. and here is where the "no matching wall" become a problem...







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2 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

Gummy drop & icing covered gingerbread walls when? 

well droping items on the ground to cover it up work I guess
but if you build a large area with them, it will take a lot of time, plus too many item on the ground can cause lag therefore not worth it.

for an Elegant fence skin, it's so bad compare to all of the Distinguished fence skin XD

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