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Kelocitta's Art Thread [Illustrations and Monsters]

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I've been lurking on both the forums and DST servers for years now, and figured might aswell finally break and make an account on it. I've got a decent chunk of art saved up that I figured justified it and decided to go ahead and drop it off on the forums for people to enjoy.

Spoiler'd not for the content but for the size, and because I like the organization. (There is actually more, but I can't upload it all at once)

Illustrations + Environmental Pieces 



Characters + Mobs





Hopefully will be more to come for awhile because I've been playing DST again more and more, and the critters in it are fun to scribble. 

Aaaand Part two. Featuring some more random pieces of art and also some crossovers, mostly because i like mashing monsters from things i like together

More Assorted Character Pieces



Crossover [Dont Starve X Lobotomy Corporation] 



Crossover Again, [Dont Starve X Hollow Knight] 


These are older pieces, like a year or two


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Thank you for all the kind words! Also nah @Kur0u I'm not a tattooist in the slightest! I don't think i have even remotely a steady enough hand for it haha. Certainly wouldn't mind doing designs for them though! Just not being the one putting them into practice.

Also have a couple just-for-fun mob concepts to drop off, nothing too seriously considered for things like balance or viability just for fun, I like having lots of animals around so I tend to make additional critters for fun. Simple stuff done between work.

Also explained that the themes/ideas were, but whether or not these were really good for the game was low-priority.



'Frightmare' - Based on kelpies and the shipwrecked shadow monsters. Non-hostile mob that spawns from picked ocean resources and 'haunts' the offending player- doesn't actually attack at all but rather has a large insanity aura. Wanted a creature with an effect other than just eventually attacking you, instead just trying to passively make things worse.


'Largebird'/cuckoobirds - A 'variant' of tallbirds that can potentially spawn at the nests. DS doesn't really have anything like 'rare spawns' or mobs that change other than like, grass geckos, so I wanted something that was more like that. They aren't targeted by tallbirds and don't leave, so they have to be killed. Probably tanky and hits hard enough to be damaging, but not hard to manage.

'Thermites' / Thermal Beetles - Just like hatching a smallbird, the cuckoo egg can be hatched into either a hot or cold variant, depending on if left hot or cold while hatching. The resulting bug can basically be used as a portable, unending stone of choice. Like glommer they can be killed by hostile entities and don't have much health, so still have to actually keep it safe. Also hostile towards other beetles.

I think I made them too cute though. Need to be more creepy-cute than just cute.


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Love the Tallbird's "what in tarnation" look. It looks as confused as it can be haha.
Amazing name ideas. And I think they are just the right amount of cute and creepy for don't starve.
What if the Thermites temperatures get so high and low potentially heating and freezing even during Summer/Winter? That would bring balance and something to watch out for when carrying these cuties!

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Ten hours later and I did not sleep at all. Keep better sleep schedules than me.

That said, Wendy! Quick warning for some minor depictions of blood/violence, it's based on the classic method of summoning Abigail. I wouldn't think it's anything noteworthy but I can't find hard-and-fast rules on subjects of artwork. Just wanted to pay tribute to my other main.


Ritual Summoning


Personally really proud of this one. Might even like it more than Wormwood's

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I have a Halloween entry, but I want it to be posted in the thread before I drop it off here. In the meantime, enjoy some art commemorating me and my friend hatching a smallbird only for it to decided to beeline for my other friend who just wanted to garden on the other side of the base


It later escaped its pen and got killed by a goose instantly. It wasn't meant to be 

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Guess who completely forgot to "upload that after its posted"

anyway, late halloween's



In other news, i haven't been drawing much DST- But a DST Zine piece is finished up sooo thats gonna be posted sometime in the future! It's a big ol' 14 mb picture! Of who? Well you'll find out. Theme was events, though.


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