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Kelocitta's Art Thread [Illustrations and Monsters]

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Drawing them funny fish people. Figuring out a way I like drawing Merms while pondering their life cycle and physical traits.


And also a sketch teaser for the next big picture. Gee I wonder who it might be


I'm gonna have to draw so many reeds...


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Oh my its been a while! Ended up focusing on some other stuff, and then January was a Daily Art challenge for another game (if theres any Rain World fans here, hope you enjoyed those)

That said, a DST Zine (Think like an art book) I was part of finished up recently, and I can post my piece for it- The theme was events and I took the Cawnival!

(Spoilered for the size, not the content)




and a close up


aaaand some rats I drew for a decorative spread



So theres my DS art backlog. These were fun pieces to do, like how they came out a lot.

If you're interested in the rest of these- BezKa, the Zine organizer, made a post with links to the full product here. Its a completely for-fun project so it's free to view. 

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aaaa those are so beautiful!!! the lineart on the two are so well done and so much detail are packed into each image, making it fun to look at. And don’t even get me started on the colors, they clash so nicely together in both images! Really nice work! Also I’m not a Rain World fan (yet??) but I did follow your tumblr and the way you use colors bamboozles me, it’s so nice how you use it and every piece was so detailed and nice to look at!

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Thank you all!!! Also yeah @kittem its still pretty recent and also I was sorta shy about the whole thing somewhat, but I figured why not! The LC/DS ones are still a pretty big favorite just because the birds work SO well with the DS aesthetics

Speaking of crossovers and rain world...... ended up drawing some very niche content of that sort because I needed something easy to get back into the groove after not drawing for a bit. I swear if I don't do something every 5 days I just forget how a pen works


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