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What could the recipe be for figatoni in reality?

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Nah, balsamic vinegar would ruin the taste for me, it's too sour and distinct. Usually with fruit based sauces, which are especially prevalent in indian cuisine through Pineapple or Mango toppings, simulating a sweet & sour taste that pronounces the distinct taste of the fruit is the way to go. It usually goes better with rice or noodles but this dish is basically Rigatoni pasta with  a fig based sauce. 

In fact, someone did indeed make a fig based chicken sauce with balsamic vinegar. Not sure how well that'd compliment Rigatoni's durum wheat though. Found more pasta variations with fig sauce and I think overall the final product would resemble this Fig and Prosciutto Penne recipe with rigatoni instead of penne and probably without Prosciutto since the main idea is to make a vegetarian dish- though it seems the internet loves mixing their fig based pasta sauces with prosciutto.

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2 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Hence the leaf at the top. Makes sense.

Huh... I wonder why Mint hasn't been added as a weed or plant for Warly?

Probably because it would be hard to give it any uses.


Anyways, re-visiting this thread because I had the excellent and very obvious idea of just googling "Fig Pasta". 


There are actually a lot of recipes, but it seems the most consistant ingredient among them (Other than Figs and Pasta, obviously), is Prosciutto. An Italian cured ham.


Hell, going a bit more specific, and here's this fig and Brussel Sprout Rigatoni recipe I found.


Rigatoni with Figs & Brussels Sprouts - Love and Lemons

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