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Wilson and Maxwell, more alike than they might seem.

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Both are European immigrants. Both young men with great ambitions but without any particular talent.
Wilson wished to become a distinguished man of science, Maxwell a great stage magician; neither is presented to us as such in the beginning.
Then the unexpected, the opportunity, the accident of chance in this chaotic meaningless universe: For William it was a book containing a mystery knowledge, for Wilson it was a demonic radio.
Both were seduced by the opportunity to seize the success they have always longed for and which they thought they deserved. Eventually both of them were overwhelmed by something they did not understand. Eventually, both of them learned to know what lies in the Constant's realm of madness and, in part, to master it. Maxwell was never the real antagonist, rather a protagonist: like Wilson, but from a parallel path. The crux of the story is that Wilson took pity because that grieving soul on the throne was but his reflection.


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Yeah but Wilson didn't screw up his special someone's life by locking them in another dimension, he didn't kidnap random people to make them suffer for his enjoyment, even on the Nightmare throne Wilson didn't use its powers for evil.
I'm surprised everyone was quick to forgive that jerk Maxwell so easily.
To me he's still Spongebob - Mermaid Man "EVIL!" Spray [Team Fortress 2] [Sprays]

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they always seemed like foils of each other to me

their backstories can be quite similar as you've pointed out but their differences is what highlights both of them

especially their opinions and experience with magic and science, things that seem like should be total opposites but in the constant, they combine pretty well

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You capture my thoughts on the guys pretty well, I think. Behind all the bickering and the rocky history, they're really quite alike. From their ambitions and failures to weaknesses, the two are opposite ends of the same coin. (It's in part a big reason why I ship them, though I realize the romantic aspect isn't for everyone).

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The idea that the survivors are like Maxwell probably ties into why he picked most of them to come to the Constant.

If you want to dig deeper, possibly into lore no longer canon since it's years and years old from unused strings (disclaimer there), Maxwell's big unused head was meant to say these strings in adventure mode in DS:


"We're not so different, you and I.",
"That's why I brought you here.",
"That's why I brought all of them here.",
"Oh, did you think you were the first?",

"It's just that..."
"I've become accustomed to winning."

"Fine. Just remember that you chose this."

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Wilson is not European just because he was designed to look European (aka white, just a fancy way of saying it). He could be, but I thought the general consensus was he was from a state in New England.


Edit: I remember there was an email answering this question, I found the forum post where it was linked but it the link no longer takes you anywhere. Read the post for context here: 


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15 hours ago, minespatch said:

He's two decades older than wilson. 680028267_smithoapustajasmug.png.1f32800e9ea1c781a7cf26a69a471a6c.png

Yeah, and I'm sure he just had a son with a last name totally different than him, who grew up rich when William was poor. I'm 90% certain you're just saying this to start discourse with absolutely zero critical thought (¬_¬")

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