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[Poll] On Future Expansions


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  1. 1. Do you want a new DLC expansion for the Don't Starve Series?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • I'm undecided.
  2. 2. If yes, What setting would you want the new expansion to be?

    • Arctic
    • Desert
    • Moon
    • Space
    • Fantasy
    • Dark Fantasy
    • Other (do list in the comments!)
    • I answered no.
    • I answered undecided.

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So recently I've gotten really hooked into Shipwrecked again, after recalling the past fun I've had with it and I've been thinking:

In my opinion Shipwrecked is a really good DLC because it introduced an entirely new setting and experience based on an actual survival situation (being marooned). The lush tropical surroundings, the new sailing mechanics and mobs, the change to normal DST gameplay to survive in this brand new environment.

So in the case that a new DLC is announced (however likely or unlikely the case would be), regardless of whether it's for DS alone or DSt, what kinds of new settings do you wish to see in the constant?

What I particularly have in mind are the two following:

 - Arctic expansion.

   - Perma freezing with occassional blizzards

   - a year is comprised of really long day and night

   - New biomes such as:

        - Walrus villages full of friendly mactusks you could probably trade with. Having a walking cane or a tammy on your person makes them aggressive

        - Ice floes and icebergs out at sea, which can even appear or disappear based on the parts of the year.

        - Pengull beaches

        - Glaciers and fjords

        - Deerclops' den, where you have to contend with several members of the deerclops species for great reward.

        - Ice plains with roaming Polar Beargers active in the day season

        - Boreal forests with packs of ice hounds

        - Ice caves with falling ice spikes

 - Desert Expansion

    - Perma overheating and crop withering and reworked smoldering

    - Arid region seasons, sandstorms and desert floods

    - New biomes such as:

        - Antlionhill

        - a large Oasis biome, potentially with desert pig settlements (r potentially another aboveground biped species?)

        - Desert Pig Ruins and Pyramids

Other less fleshed out ideas of mine are:

 - Moon expansion

 - Space?

 - Fantasy expansion (think Terraria Hallow but lunar influence)

 - Dark Fantasy expansion (think either Horror mob infestations or Terraria evil biomes, but with nightmares' influence instead)

As always, feel free to vote and discuss on the comments!

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I doubt paid dlcs will be a thing.. and if they do them at all they’ll have to be done like Minecraft- (only the host needs to own the dlc but anyone can join even if they don’t own it themselves) 

Klei said the entire reason Return of Them was free for everyone was so not to separate the fan base between who has/doesn’t have dlc.. but that wouldn’t be a problem if only the host needed to own the expansion and everyone else just took longer loading in to “Download DLC Assets”

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As far as Don't Starve DLCs I'd love a Dark Forest expansion.

  • Autumn would be "Gloom" season. It's only ever Dusk/Night.
  • Winter would be "Shade" season. It's only ever Night.
  • Spring would be "Downpour" season. Think Rain World rain. (Gotta stay beneath the trees!)
  • Summer would be "Bright" season. The only season with Daylight.

There could possibly be like open areas that are lit up akin to Cave Lights. 

I just think a Light's Out-esk expansion would be really neat. Especially if it's crafted and balanced around it instead of being tacked on.

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i was more thinkin about something like the dinosour age whit its friendly plant eating something like a beefalo dino version to the newest boss that of course of a t rex but you know its looks differend and is more based of a differend creature i dont know what the seasons could be but the characters could clearly something that fits in that setting like a caveman an archaeologist some sord of explorer like warbucks and maybe even some sord of dino person for the most special one that has to be unlocked by special means

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10 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:

 - Fantasy expansion (think Terraria Hallow but lunar influence)

 - Dark Fantasy expansion (think either Horror mob infestations or Terraria evil biomes, but with nightmares' influence instead)

I won't lie, this makes me wish I knew how to mod color cubes, cause I want to make a Terraria celestial pillars colorcubes mod for the vanilla seasons.

As for content, I dunno, I guess I'll just see what comes up in the future.

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